Monday, July 2, 2012

Today I Played "Beauty Parlor."

Hasn't everyone played "beauty parlor" with their mom, sister(s), or friends?  I have pictures from when I was 3 or 4, all dressed up with make-up and wearing one of my mom's slips.  Haha! It's cute.
When I was older I would brandish the make-up brush in front of my sisters' faces like they were canvas and the make-up was paint.  So. Much. Fun.

Practice definitely makes perfect so my make-up application skills have gotten rusty.  I stopped wearing much make-up after getting pregnant with Ash (couldn't stand the smell).  But my girlies don't care.  They just loooove it when I take the time to paint their cute, little faces.

I got on Pinterest and pulled up a page with lots of different eyes, done up with make-up in many various ways.  They each picked the eye they wanted and then picked out the lipstick they wanted from my collection.

I feel like I got a small glimpse of what I'll be looking at in about 10-15 years.  A little bit frightening actually.  Haha! 

(i'm in love with this picture)

Ash wasn't very pleased, later on this afternoon, when I made her wipe all the make-up off her eyes before going to the store with me. 


Rachel said...

So cute!!! Your little girls are so gorgeous. =]

Faith said...

Omg! You did an incredible job with their makeup! Their eye makeup looks amazing!

They are so cute!!! I would have been upset to take it off too, lol

alissa apel said...

I played "make-up" with my older sister when I was little. I thought it was fun!

As long as you don't start them in a mess of beauty pageants. Tots for Tiaras is crazy. Have you ever seen that?

I think you did a great job on their faces!!! I can see why they didn't want it washed off.

Funny story: We used to do my Dad's hair. Having all girs, he had to play girly things. He loved this because it felt good to have his hair played with. Well one time he forgot his hair was done up. He went to the store with a bow in his hair. He was bald in the front sides; just a strip of hair down the front center was put up in a classy bow. LOL

Amy said...

So pretty! They look like little beauty pageant girls... only just for fun, which I think is a way better option.
I looove playing with makeup, can't wait to do this on my own little girl someday!

Mrs. K said...

Your girls are so gorgeous. This looked like a lot of fun. Never heard of it before. You make me want to have a girl :)

My Journey With Candida said...

Oh how cute they are!! Playing Beauty Parlor and Dress up can be a BLAST!!

mun said...

You are really good at putting on eye makeup. The girls must have been sitting very still for you to do such a good job!

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable.