Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today I Did a Fun 'Do.

I like to do Ash and Britt's hair every morning.  So much more appealing than tangled, messy locks hanging in their faces!  Usually I do something simple, easy and quick.  Today I had some real fun with Ash's hair that was more time consuming.

(sweet smile)

It was pretty simple to just divide the front of her hair into sections (starting with one row on top and then trying to do even rows on either side), then put hair bands into them.  Then I threaded an elastic lace through the sections, tied it in the back and stuck a flower clip on the side.  First time a "headband" has stayed put on her head!

(close up.  i was kinda sad when she said she didn't want to sleep with the hair ties in her hair.)

Thank you to Girly Do Hairstyles for the fun idea!


mun said...

Ash looks so very sweet with the nice hairdo.

Becky said...

Love it! I will have to try it!

alissa apel said...

That is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

CK said...

Haha! Totally creative!