Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today I'm a Tad Homesick.

I really have gotten used to living here in Idaho but every once in a while I get hit with a yearning to go back to the Pacific Northwest and see my family (mom, dad, and sibs).  That is how I'm feeling right now. 

We did get to go back the last week of July and we spent most of our time just chillin' with extended family.  We did take a day to walk around downtown Seattle.  We took pictures so I'm finally gonna post them. 

(at a fountain on the waterfront)

 (daddy and elle)

(i think this is a fireboat or coast guard or something like that.)

(the new ferris wheel!  the line was sooooo long we decided to save our ride for another time.  another year.)

(part of a new, cool sculpture we found on the water front.)

(my favorite part of the sculpture.  love these fish!)
(britt and ash enjoying the sculpture.)
(another ferris wheel shot.)
(took this as we were going into pike place market.)
(we went to rocky mountain chocolate factory.)
(there were soooooooo many delicious looking choices!!!)
(it was such an awesome treat!)
(we also made a quick visit to the gum wall.  next time i'll think to bring along some gum so we can add to it.) 
We visited for a whole week.  It felt more like 3 days.  Ash and Britt ask to go back and visit Nana and Bonka (Grandpa) regularly now.  I wish we could but it just won't be happening for at least another year.  Of course they don't understand that so I just say, "Not today."  :(


alissa apel said...

Oh that must be hard. I know your family was so close.

The gum wall is both gross and cool! HA HA

Faith said...

aww, that makes me sad. but a year goes by quickly so hopefully you all will be visiting very soon.

your girls are growing up. they are beautiful!

and you my lady are looking gorgeous!

mun said...

*Hugs* I know how it feels to be homesick. When I was living in England and my family was back in M'sia, I often dreamed of talking and hugging them and I was so disappointed when I woke up to find that they are many, many hours away from me. Hope the year will pass by quickly for you and you'll be living close to your family again.

Looks like a very fun trip! Oooooo, the apple, caramel, mms look so very, very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. That's a huge ferris wheel.

Bonnie said...

It's really hard to move. When we first moved to Portland, I was sad to have left all our friends that were like family...and family...behind. I felt like it took a good year before I thought of it really as home. So it does happen, but it doesn't come quickly and easily. Good luck!