Friday, August 10, 2012

Today I Interviewed My Children.

I'm going to try to do little interviews with my girls, at least a couple times per year. I simply asked them each some "getting to know you"questions, most that will probably change as they age. I know they will get such a kick out of them as they get older. As of right now they are a bit young, though Ash was pretty into it.

P.S. It may be a sideways video at the moment, but YouTube assures me that will be updated and righted shortly. I hope so.  If it is still on its side and it bugs you, the link to go directly to YouTube,  where it IS right side up, is here.


mun said...

The video on the site is upright now, no longer sideways.

Ash can sing so well. Elle is quite a talker and shrieker too. :D I am sure they will love going through these interview videos later. Good effort, mommy!

alissa apel said...

So cute! Ash was your only true kid that answered your questions. I tried an interview, not a video with Isaak and Elijah, which were 3 at the time. They wouldn't really answer me either. They might now. How Britt answered was about how they would answer. Still cute though! Elle looks so happy They all are. I'm glad you included her in your video to. They say younger kids have a harder time talking because their brothers and sisters do it for them. So true, they do. Mica tried talking for Isaak all the time.

KBoo said...

Haha! Star had a good laugh at "crotch-it food."

And sorry, Elle, "I don't speak monkey." :D

Lea Hunt said...

This was so cute :) They all did such a great job. I loved when your youngest started answering her interview questions, too. So sweet!