Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today I Diagnosed My Child with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

I figured it was inevitable.  My siblings were starting to come down with it when we left Seattle.  Britt got sick on Monday but only threw up that day too (thankfully!).  She also had a fever all day Tuesday and yesterday and I saw one red spot on one of her fingers Tuesday night. 

By Wednesday morning her face, hands and feet were covered in blisters and they hurt her.  Poor thing.  There is nothing to be done about it.  It's a nasty virus.  I just keep giving her echinacea, Tylenol and Motrin.  We're avoiding acidic foods too since they burn the blisters in her mouth. 

(sad, little hand.  the other one looks a lot worse!)

She has had a hard time sleeping and last night Tony had to set up a play yard for her in the living room.  She just kept waking up and screaming.  I was afraid she was going to wake Ash up (they share a room).  He slept on the sofa next her and there must have been something comforting in that because she didn't wake up again until morning.

She hasn't cried as much today.  I'm hoping that means she over the worst of it, though it certainly doesn't look any better.

(poor, little blister-face!  if i could just break her of the finger sucking habit, maybe she wouldn't get sick so much?)

I'm afraid Ash is next because she was running a temperature this afternoon.

**sigh**  These poor little things are really getting beat up by illnesses this Summer!

I was looking online for information about this virus and came across this post that made me smile.  Thought I should definitely share.


alissa apel said...

WOW another sickness! That sounds horrible! We've never had that one here. I hope your other 2 do not get it!

mun said...

Children around here get this too. Poor dears, I hope Britt gets well soon and Ash does not get it.

Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

Poor kids. I've heard of it, but my daughter hasn't had it. I hope they feel better soon.

CK said...

ohhh, ai! I hate it when kids get sick that looks particularly uncomfortable for them. So, so sorry! Thank goodness that we have help w/medicines and herbs. Hope she felt better quickly.

My Journey With Candida said...

I am so glad you figured this out. So scary when the little ones get sick. Hope you don't get it too.