Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today I Didn't Wear Sunscreen.

Today was awesome. I got to sleep in until 11am. That NEVER happens. We went for a walk to the park and the local Saturday market as a family. I attended a wedding later in the afternoon. And then we (the fam) went to the beach in the evening.

We spent a lot of time outside and I fretted a bit about us not wearing any sunscreen. I go back and forth on the stuff to be honest. All the dermatologists say it's so important, but I've heard people talk about studies they've read that say skin cancer has gone up since sunscreen became highly used. Yikes! And then I read articles like this one here that state the most sunscreens on the market protect against sunburn but not cancer-causing rays. Wait, WHAT?!??!

So, I haven't purchased sunscreen for the year yet (haven't really needed too since we live in the beautiful, but cloudy Pacific Northwest), but when I do it'll be at the top of the Environmental Working Group's "good" list.

I still think I'll hold off on the application for 20 minutes though so we can get our Vitamin D!

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