Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today I'm Showing Off My Cute Little Girl.

I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy for "What I Wore Wednesday."  I think the normal thing to do is take a pic of what you're wearing everyday for a week and then post them with an explanation of where each item came from.  I'm still not feeling all that super gorgeous since half of my clothes don't fit yet (post-baby belly), so I thought, "Why not share the wardrobe of the female with the MOST clothes in this family anyway??"  That would be Ash.  I do NOT apologize for the extreme ridiculous amount of clothes this girl has.  I'm an Ebay fanatic (and addict, just ask my husband) and the girl has gotten TONS of hand-me-downs from the aunts that are all just two years older than her.  Note: Ash WAS born on a Sunday.  So here we goooooooooo!

Monday's Child is fair of face.
Hair clip: Craft store in Utah.
Shirt: Old Navy.
Dress: Nartjie (auntie hand-me-down).
Leggings: Target sales rack.
Shoes: Mooshu Trainers (killer deal on Ebay).

Tuesday's Child is full of grace.
Dress & Leggings: Nartjie (another auntie hand-me-down)
Sandals: Knock-off Mooshu Trainers (Ebay)

Wednesday's Child is full of woe.
(Did NOT want to take pictures!)
Tank: Garanimals (Ebay)
Skirt: The Childrens Place
Socks: Ross (the ONLY place to buy socks in my opinion)
Shoes: Sketchers (Ross)

Thursday's Child has far to go.
Hair clip: South Korea (Ebay)
Bubble: Gymboree (hand-me-down from the aunts)
Flip-flops (Old Navy)

Friday's Child is loving and giving.
Clip: Target
Shirt: Old Navy (I bought a ton of these!)
Jumper: Izod (hand-me-down)
Sandals: Self Esteem (Ross)

Saturday's Child works hard for a living.
(Yes, she IS sulking).
Clip: Etsy - Monkey See and Monkey Do (love this seller!!!!)
Tank: Garanimal (Ebay)
Shorts: Gymboree (hand-me-down)
Sandals: Self Esteem (yes, she wears these a LOT!)

And the Child that is born on the Sabbath Day is bonny, and blithe, good and gay (happy).
Clip: Target
Dress: Gymboree (another glorious hand-me-down!)
Socks: Target (not my fave)
Sandals: Mooshu Knock-offs (Ebay)
Excuse the poor child's puffy eyes (I had matching ones).  Why they hold church at 9am, I have NO idea!


Crystal Roberts said...

I miss this cute little girl!!! she is so stinking cute!

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

awwwwww! she's so fabulous....i love it!

pleated poppy said...

adorable! i love your version!

Kelsey Kim said...

She's so stinkin' cute!! My daughter had clothes coming out the wazoo! So I know what you old is your daughter? Mine is almost 2(next month).

What I Did Today said...

Kelsey - Ash is going to be 20 months this months, so our daughters are close in age! :)

Cha Cha said...

I miss this age with my girls, she is to cute and those curls adorable

Hope you have a great weekend

Cha Cha

Jenny Bolech said...

She is adorable! I love all her outfits (and her cute faces!)

Jennifer Hancock said...

I love thursdays outfit... I wish I could find a patten in a size 6 or 7 with a hidden zipper in the front... She is soooo cute!

Michelle said...

What a precious little girl-love all the outfits! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!

Have a blessed week!

alissa apel said...

Oh a little Ash! I decided to look back in your posts because I was stopping by.

I love the Bubble: Gymboree (hand-me-down from the aunts)! It looks cute and comfortable.

PS My boys have a lot of clothes to.