Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today I Was Brave.

I don't do spiders. Just seeing them and their nasty, crawly legs gives me the chills and the heebie-jeebies. I'm not as bad as my mom and sisters, who can't even squish the darn things because it's "too gross." I'm sorry, disgusting and scary as they are, they're not going to walk around and help themselves to bites of my babies while I'm living!! I tell them (the spiders) that they should've just stayed outside - then they wouldn't have died. :) I definitely make sure to use a shoe or some other thick object so there is no chance of me feeling their bodies at all. *shudder*

Well, now that y'all know that about me - on to the story.

I was outside with Britt in my arms and Ash by my side. We were each enjoying the nature and beauty all around us, when (cue scary music) a ugly garden spider comes running up behind my unsuspecting Ash and starts trotting up her leg!!!! Fast!!! Yikes! I didn't even hesitate. The mommy instincts kicked in and I brushed it off her leg. With. my. BARE. hand.

I touched a spider! I feel like a hero. :)

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