Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today I Went Out In The Rain.

We all know that the Seattle area gets its fair share of rain.  If you live around here then, much of the time, you have to expect that you're gonna get wet when you go outside.  As a child I loved a good rain to play in.  It just seemed to feel more adventuresome to play imagination games with a nice drizzle on my head.  I don't ever remember getting a cold because of running around in the dripping forest. 

Photo by ozmafan

Ok, fast forward to now.  I'm a mom.  Our Summer started sometime in July and now it's the end of August and it rained all day.  It was 56 degrees. It feels like Autumn is moving in on us now.  Kind of early.  I have always adored Fall: the crispy feel on sunny days, the change from green to yellow to orange to brown, the fresh apple everything, the Indian Summers, etc. 

Photo by Nina Matthews Photography - I modified it a little.

But I've really been enjoying throwing the girls into my double stroller and going for walks all around town the past couple months.  And it would appear that those sunny walks are numbered for the rest of this year.  What am I gonna do?

Photo by woodleywonderworks - I modified it a bit.

Being lightly rained on does not bother me.  But what about my babies?  I've heard that rain isn't good for their health.  I've heard that getting sick from being in the rain is a myth.  What's the truth?  Can I continue our walks?  And waiting until it stops raining isn't really an option since some weeks it never lets up.  Should we just stay inside for 9 months?  Oy.  THAT almost makes me feel depressed.  I can almost taste the cabin fever.

Photo by anitakhart

Any words of advice?  Suggestions?  Thanks.  :)

Whatever I end up doing, I promise, it won't be this!

Photo by Risager


Kara said...

Ahahaha! That last picture made me laugh. Sad though. So, can't you get a rain cover (kind of like the plastic bag) for your stroller?
Otherwise, I'd bundle them up and take them out in the rain anyway. Out here, we learn to play when it's FREEZING COLD outside, or we really DO stay inside for 9 months, cause that's how long our winter lasts! Not an option, unless you happen to enjoy depressed and crazy people. :P

Jenny Bolech said...

Oh my gosh! That poor child! That picture is hilarious!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

ahahaha!!! That last picture cracks me up so much!!!