Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today I'm Frustrated Over Meal Planning.

Ash is allergic to tomatoes, soy, and milk products.  So, I'm currently pulling my hair out over trying to figure out how to feed this family cheaply and without using my favorite meal go-tos: tomato sauce, cheese and soy sauce.  **heavy sigh**  I also would like to keep the meat ingestion to a minimum.  Help?

Also, I'm including a link to a giveaway because then I get an extra entry.  And for those of you who have dairy issues in your family, you may like to enter the giveaway as well.  It's over at One Frugal Foodie.  The giveaway is for these two books: 

They had a giveaway last week for a cookbook that was soy-free AND dairy-free but I missed it.  But at least with one allergy taken out of the recipes I only have to be on the look out for the remaining two. 

People, did you even know how many pre-packaged foods contain soy????  EVERYTHING!  Or so it seems.  Just start reading labels - which I thought I did, but now that I know about Ash's allergy I'm seeing soy everywhere.  It's in crackers, cereal, granola bars, cereal bars, salad dressing, bread, cookies, soup, tuna fish, noodles, chocolate, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!  **exhausted** 
It's really tough stuff to get away from.

So yeah.  Help.  Please.


Jenny said...

Food allergies are very hard! My daughter is allergic to tree nuts, but we have done a good job of avoiding them. Now, soy is another story! It really is in everything! I hope you are able to find some help with your meal planning. Do you think a nutritionist would help?

Muthering Heights said...

Navigating food allergies is such a tough thing...I hope you find some workable solutions!

Rachel Leigh said...

Thank you for the really sweet comment! I look foward to browsing your blog!

God Bless

Kamaile said...

I ended up here from reading your guest post on another blog.

I feel your pain. My son is allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, tree nuts and some fruits. Have you tried looking for a local food allergy support group? They can be a huge help with recipes and the like no matter what food allergies your child might have. I've also found helpful cookbooks at the library that address food allergy issues. Good luck! It does get easier over time.