Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today I Made Shelves.

Out of cardboard.  And wrapping paper I got out of a freepile.  Cool, huh?  I saw someone else do these on a blog somewhere, but I have no idea who it was.  Message me if you think you're the one who deserves the credit! 

Anyways, I was breaking down boxes to put in the recycle when I realized that I could use them!

I started thinking that they could help to make more room at the top of Ash's closet.  See all that wasted space?

So I got out all the supplies I needed.  Which include wrapping paper (I'm going to use the adhesive kind next time).

Also, duct tape to retape the boxes I broke down, two different kinds of tape, box cutter, scissors for the wrapping paper, and glue (not pictured and not necessary).

It's pretty simple.  I wrapped it like a present.  This tutorial (of sorts) is assuming you have basic gift wrapping skills.  :)

Lookin' pretty already!  The outside was the most simple.

Ash wanted to help.  Of course.  And she's going through a hat phase.  It makes me giggle. 

I used glue on the inside, which makes the whole process faster, BUT it makes the paper a little wrinkly.  I don't mind because you can't see it when it's doing its job (meaning, full of folded clothes).  Just use the outer dimensions of the box to measure the paper for the inside and then stick it on with glue or tape or both.

I cut four of these out of another box.

Then I covered them in gift wrap.  They are brackets (along the help of packing tape) to help give the shelf more balance and hold.

Here's the bottom of the shelf (I made out of the second box) with one set of brackets attached. 

Yay! All done.

Here it is.  It's awesome and I'm going to make another to go next to it, but I'm going to have to go through my other wrapping paper since I don't have enough of the freepile kind to completely cover another shelf.

Now THAT is provident living!


Jenny Bolech said...

What a fantastic idea! I've gotta try this one! (although I am also low on wrapping paper...)

Bonnie said...

That is a great idea! So very thrifty.

Band of Brothers said...

so fun! thanks for popping by with your super sweet words! and i enjoyed your guest post! we had fun doing the paper anniversary!

Sandra said...

Terrific idea!

K-tribe said...

WOW!!!! GREAT IDEA!!! Thanks for this!!! This might work in our school room!

SummersDesigns said...

This is great! I always like to recycle (I have tons of these diaper boxes too)and I could use these shelves in my utility room so I can sort out the clothes that get too small for my kids and have them already sorted as I go. Thanks!