Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today I Studied The Fremont People.

(Tony & Ash walking up to the petroglyphs)

If you've been following then you know that our little family went out to Utah to camp with my dad, some siblings and their families, and my paternal grandparents.  After we'd packed up camp we headed down to to Vernal, UT (also known as Dinosaur Land).  While we were there we saw some awesome rock carvings.  I've seen them before.  My dad took me and some of my siblings out there to see them and the dinosaur bone quarry about 20 years ago (dang, that makes me feel old). 

(Aren't they so neat? How come they all have antennae?)

Anyways, this art work is awesome.  My favorite is the naked man.  It was 95 degrees out there which was a bummer because I would've loved to run and around and climb and explore like I did when I was a kid.

(My bro and his cute lil family)

The little bit I've learned about the people who made these petroglyphs:

(My fave. Naked Man.)

The Fremont People lived between 400 and 1300 AD in small communities throughout Utah, eastern Nevada, southern Idaho, southern Wyoming, and eastern Colorado.  They were farmers, hunters and gatherers, but mostly farmers - growing a lot of maize.  Maize is corn. 

(Yes.  I tweaked the photo a bit so the carvings would stand out more.  You're welcome.)

They lived in pit houses.  Basically a hole in the ground.  Supposedly these pit houses were kind of like a teepee, in that they were temporary and mobile.  For permanent homes they lived in pueblos.  Have any of you ever been to a pueblo?  I have.  They are REALLY cool!

(Pit house)

From my brief online search, I have gathered that not too much is known about this ancient culture.  I wonder what happened to them?  Experts think that temperature changes had something to do with their disappearance.  Guess ours isn't the only time period that has had to worry about climate change, huh?

(My dad taking it all in)

(Turtle Rock)

(Do you see them?)

(Let me help you.  Now do you see them?  **grin**)

So, next time you're in Vernal, Utah go check them out!

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My favorite is the pueblo and the turtle rock