Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today I'm Wanting To Count Down Til Christmas.

Ok.  So - I've been working on this advent for two years now. 

Last year I embroidered for two months.  This year I only embroidered for two weeks.  I'd be done by now if I hadn't decided to make three.  I know.  I'm insane.  **sighs**  When I get them all done two lucky families will be getting an AWESOME advent calendar.  I need to just do one square a week and I'll be finished well before next Christmas.

But I was thinking (last minute, of course) that it would be nice to come up with a fun little advent calendar to have this year.  Surely someone has come up with a cheap, fast, but still fun count down calendar, right? 

Here are the ones I've found that I like.  Now I just have to choose.  What do you think? 

Easy Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Decorating Calendar

Envelope Activity Advent (similar to first)

Cookie Pan Countdown

Stocking Advent Calendar

Do you have an ideas?  Let me know!  Obviously I'm gonna have to whip something together tomorrow.  Better late than never, I guess!  Haha!  Life is always crazy and interesting around here!


Amy said...

The cookie sheet one is cute, but I like the one you did better!

The card idea is super cute though and I like how it has a christmas activity to do each day. Perfect for little kids!!

Vicky said...

That is an amazingly beautiful advent calendar.
You are a lot braver than me taking on such a project and 3 of them as well.
I'm still lazy and stick to shop bought chocolate ones because December always creeps up on me. x.

Vicky said...

try maya made
she makes a new calendar each year mainly using leftover toilet rolls, might be just the thing is you are really short on time.

MommyMert said...

Love Advents. Thanks for the reminder this morning to put one up! ha! Cant wait to see your final project, for schizzle. I saw a dang cute one somewhere that were tiny little metal buckets on a ribbon with the numbers on the front. They put candy, or notes that said "Good for one Christmas Caroling." or trinkets, that sorta thing. You could make little stockings out of paper or felt really quick. Just another idea. Good Luck! There is always the old candy standby ones from the super market.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Thanks for sharing the links! I'm also thinking of counting down to Christmas with an advent calendar, but I'm thinking of something EASY... Embroidery will be very hard and time consuming for me, I don't think I can pull it off.

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh! That is absolutely the cutest thing ever! What an amazing talent and a cherished gift! They will be lucky families indeed.

I also love the personal touch with the name at the bottom!!

Good job!!

Myrnie said...

Ha- you're as crazy as my sister ;o) She started a kit a few years ago, I'm not sure if it's finished or not yet.... :o) We have a collection of "Super Saturday" advent countdowns

Redbabe said...

I love the advent calendar you started sewing two years ago! They are so pretty! But a lot of works though....

And for the list you provided, they are all so cute!!! If I have to choose, I'll go for no.2 (the xmas tree ones) and no.5 (stocking). :)

Miss A said...

that is a very pretty advent calendar, if you have the time you should sell it on etsy. I know I would buy one :)