Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today I Was Thinking About Nicknames.

I starting thinking about nicknames when I heard my brother, Sam, refer to Ash as "Peach Package."  Don't ask me where that came from.  I have no idea, but that's what he's been calling her for a couple of months now.  My mom calls her "Pea Pod."  Tony and I called her "Princess" for the first 1.5 years of her life.  When Britt came along it made me feel guilty to only call one of them a princess so that one got phased out a little and now they both get called Princess on occasion, though Ash more so.  Britt has a ton of nicknames.  Britt, Britt-Britt, Pretty, Munchkin, Grouchy-Girl, and Fatness are the most common.  That last one is said only in a voice dripping with honey-sweet love.  Then there is me.  I was often referred to as James.  Also Jamison and Jamis.  Along with embarrassing terms of endearment that I won't bother to list.  My husband calls me Babe and I call him Tiger.  He goes by Tony more than his real name!  I guess lots of people often go by a nickname instead of their given name. 

Not more than 30 minutes after I heard Sam say "Peach Package" and I started thinking about nicknames, I heard one of my little sisters say "Britt-Britt" and another little brother said, "I don't like that.  I call her Britt (only he used her full first name, of course) because Britt-Britt sounds like you're calling her names."  Hm.  So - to him it sounds rude.  Ok.  So, nicknames aren't always nice.  I guess Fatness could be unkind, though it's not meant to be.  We love her rolls and chubs!  The name certainly won't grow with her even if she remains chunky.  Though, I once met a full grown woman called Juicy because she was really fat as an infant.  So, who knows?  Haha!

Tell me about the nicknames in your family!



MommyMert said...

I am Mert to my family, thats because when I was a wee one I couldnt say Bert and Ernie, I said Mert and it still sticks to this day. (aka, Mertgirl.) Tim calls me Mommy Mert, and he is Daddy Dub. (For W), Thus whodubit! ;)

Myrnie said...

Oldest is Ernie or E because her grandpa decided when she was just an embryo that we were having a boy, his name was Ernie, and he and Ernie were going to pound nails together. Youngest is Mimi, or "meems", because E couldn't say her name, and decided to call her Mimi instead! :) Funny how the most ridiculous names can stick!

Mrs. K said...

Was the lady with the nickname Juicy still chubby as an adult? Just curious. My maternal family (all in Jamaica) calls me Munchie (pronounced Moonchie and said with a Jamaican accent). They still call me that even though I'm grown. LOL. Such a cute pic of Brit!

Amy said...

I think Fatness is hilarious.

My nicknames are Ames or Amsie mostly. I used to have some people call me Hero (long story) and that has evolved into what I'll probably use as my pen name if I ever become an author: Hero London.
The Man doesn't have a nickname. His real name is so short, shortening it even more doesn't really work. I usually just call him the normal endearments: baby, babe, honey, hon, that kind of thing.
Our baby is Ladybug on my blog. :) I like it.

CK said...

Awww! She is SO cute!!! I love that picture!
I called my first boy "boober boy." I'm not sure why, I think my aunt likes to call little kids that name. My second child (a girl) is named Lina so I started calling her "booba-LIna" It seems weird to type it but that is what I call them sometimes haha! Oh and my Big Boy and Princess, too ;)

Lindsay said...

cute nicknames! We call Sammy all sorts of name.. most common ones are monkey boy, pumpkin littlest, butter bean, and Mr. Grumpy Gills (only when he first wakes up from his nap).

Kimberly said...

This post completely cracks me up. We call our son all sorts of nicknames: Bumblebee, Boogie, Boogs, Turkey, Monkey, House Ape, Baby Love, Wild Boy...the list could go on. What a fun post!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Hubby used to call our 1st child 'peanut'. I call him 'Baby'. Then as he starts going running around, he doesn't respond so well to 'peanut' or 'baby', so we started calling him 'Matthew'.