Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today I Glued Buttons.

I have finally been attacking one pile after another the past couple weeks.  It's slow going.
In one stack of stuff I found some frames I had made over a year ago with some pieces of wood, ribbon, spray paint, photos, strong glue and a bunch of buttons.  During our last move, some of the buttons came loose.  We moved last October folks, and I am just now taking care of this?  **shaking my head**

~the yellow is off in this pic, but I like how the buttons "pop"~

~the back is ugly because I painted it a blue color I didn't like first, then when I painted the right color, I was too hasty and turned it over before it was fully dry and it stuck to the cardboard~

I love these things though.  I'm not the best at hanging groups of frames together though.  I think I may be a little be untalented in that area of spacial awareness, or something.  But aren't they so cute?  :D  My sister, Molly and I are going to try out having an etsy shop and I'm thinking of doing some of these for it to see if they take.  They're so whimsical and pretty!


alissa4illustration said...

Those are pretty cool! In our hallway we hand shadow boxes of arrowheads that we both found when we were young. We made the shadow boxes together. It was a fun project. My husband did his best to try and identify them, so they have little typed names under them.

Amy said...

Cute! I like how the buttons pop too.
"Spacial awareness," hahaha!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Very cute idea!