Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today I Bandaged Up Some Boo-boos.

I remember as a young single adult scoffing at the over use of Band-aids many parents indulged in.  I had taught and baby-sat many, many little kids and as I saw it, too many parents put bandages on their kids at every cry, whine and whimper - on owies that were often minuscule and imagined.  I vowed to never be such a silly softy.  My kids weren't going to use Band-aids as a crutch.  My kids weren't going to cry at every little hurt.  My kids were gonna be tough!  Band-aids just encourage kids to make stuff up!


Ok.  Whatev young, silly, clueless Jamie!  You didn't have kids and didn't know what you were talking about (no offense to my currently childless readers; I promise you will have a similar story to tell someday because I have many).   Poor Ash's little legs look terrible.  The kid loooooves being outside but she is always falling down.  Must take after her mother.  I remember, as a child, staring at my bruised, scab-covered, sticker bush scraped legs and thinking they were soooo ugly. 

Band-Aid Baby 1

Today Ash was running, excitedly, to go get in the car.  Well, she tripped, fell hard on her knees and then tipped forward and bumped her forehead too.  So sad!  Let's just say that after several episodes like this one, we are currently running low on Band-aids.  They are wonderful little creations - the colorful, characterized ones, anyway.  They are happy and bright.  And they distract the sobbing child while you clean their wounds.  They also make the hurt lessen by at least 85%, I swear!

Band-Aid Baby 2

*chuckle*  I had everything figured out.  I'll probably think the same thing about my current self 10 years in the future.  What about you?  What immature vows have you broken? 


mun said...

Ash looks so cute with the band-aid on her forehead. If these colorful and pretty band-aids were available when I was young, I will stick them on everyday. *grins* Anyway, I can't think of any immature vows that I have broken due to my bad memory. I am sure I must have broken many.

Faith said...

hahaha, you know that they say band-aids fix everything, hahaha. she is adorable! looks just like you!

MommyMert said...

Yes, bandaids are VERY important at our house. ;) Ive broken so many vows... I am my Mother sometimes, something I swore I would never ever be! ha! Love Ash! Her face... mmm... yummy!

alissa4illustration said...

That's so funny my husband just asked me, "Why did you put a Band-Aid on Isaak's knee when it's past the point of needing one?" I just didn't respond. I actually put it on, so he would stop picking at it. It made him feel at least 85% better too.

Funny story: An African American college student came down to our cafeteria when I was in school with a vanilla colored Band-Aid smacked on his forehead. We were all like, "What's up with the Band-Aid? He said, "I'm just protesting that they only make white people Band-Aids." It was pretty true at the time! Now they make more options, but still no brown ones that I'm aware of.

Stephanie Faris said...

Band-Aids are so much fun now!!! We had nothing like that as kids. Now there are also antibacterial band-aids, which help prevent against infection and scarring.

Myrnie said...

Oh dear.... Poor thing! Character bandages are currently outlawed around here! My kids were actually trying to make themselves bleed, just to wear them

Anonymous said...

Awww she's too cute. I vowed never to yell at my kids, but I have. I try not to but I've done it. It's like he doesn't hear me unless I yell at him, lol.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

When I was potty training Matthew, his rewards were a piece of M&M and band-aid! Before children, I would have never though that band-aids could be a hit!

Aunt LoLo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. What immature vows HAVEN'T I broken. I speak LOADS of English to my kids, we've watched five hours of TV so far today, and we are sitting on the couch, eating cheerios. Chocolate ones. And drinking chocolate milk.

And nobody is sick. ;-)

Today? Ming Wai asked for a bandaid, for the FIRST time in her life. She's been terrified of them as long as I can remember, because bandaids and shots go hand in hand. (She's VERY careful, and doesn't get hurt very often.)