Friday, May 13, 2011

Today I Was So Happy to See Blogger Working Again.

I don't remember it ever being quite so long before.  And my post about the carrot cake oatmeal was gone for a little while.  So weird. 

Two things to talk about today.

1.  I am so happy to see the sun!  It was warm enough to leave our jackets on the hooks.  Ash isn't taking naps anymore. Booooo!  So, I got two buckets, filled one with water, threw in a sponge and showed her how to transfer water from one bucket to another with the sponge.  Kept her entertained for a half hour, at least.  My kind of toddler activity!  **laugh**

(yes, she did stick her head in the bucket. why do you ask?)

2.  Molly and I got our etsy shop up and running.  We have lots of ideas for fun things to sell, but for starts we're selling sugar body scrub.  I've given this as gifts before and then have had people ask for more.  We have, of course, tested our products on ourselves (and willing friends) and this stuff is goooood.  Plus, the ingredient list is all pronounceable and recognizable.  Two important "ables," if you ask me!  If you're looking for a really nice, natural body scrub please give ours a try. 

Hope everyone has good things planned for the weekend.  I'm gonna go hit the sales at Old Navy and Gymboree and then a birthday party.  Yay!


Amy said...

Fabulous gift idea! I'd like to get some for me too. :)

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

I can't remember the last time Matthew took a nap. It's always nice when both babies are napping!
Adorable photo of Ash. Must be so much joy to play with water!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I love the sponge idea!!! We will have to try that when it warms up again!

KBoo said...

SO excited to try those scrubs!!! They sound awesome. :)

alissa4illustration said...

The sponge thing is great! We let our boys wash their Little Tikes car last year, while we washed ours. Anyhow Ash is building hand muscle strength by doing that activity. It was recommended to us by a montessori school. We visited it, but could never afford it.

The Brown Sugar Scrub sounds great! Flicia at Go Graham Go! posted about making some awhile back. I thought it would be great to try for teachers.

Yes blogger being down annoyed me too! They took off all the video's I posted of the boy's dancing! They are back up! Blogger has to do maintenance sometimes too. They took my whole account down a less then year ago. Someone tried cloning my Apel blog. They didn't know if I was the creator or the hacker was. :( It finally got back up and running.

Vicky said...

Good luck with your etsy store.
Great keeping a toddler quiet... if not a little wet... idea.