Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today I Had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Remember this book?  I loved it as a kid.

My winner of a day started with Tony getting me up to take him to the bus stop (this is routine) at 6:20 am.  I am NOT a morning person and will sleep until 9am sometimes (when the girls let me).  We were a bit late and I had to chase the bus down, which included tail-gating it until it pulled over, which embarrassed my husband, and made me feel like a fool afterwards. 

Then, when I got home, I decided to go back to bed instead of taking a much needed shower. 

At 8:20 we lost power.  My parents had the electricians come over to increase their power capacity (or something like that) and since we are in the "mother-in-law apartment" on the premises, that means we had no lights or air purifiers (white-noise makers) or internet either.  For 7 hours.  Not cool.  Really should have taken that shower when I had the chance.

Britt had a large volume tantrum morning and got put down for a nap early.  In her defense, those electricians kept scaring the living daylights out of her with their loud, frightening machines. 

I accidentally ate some pumpkin butter that had been opened and put on top of the fridge.  And it never occurred to me how gross that is until after I'd already eaten it and realized it should've been IN the fridge for the past week.  I was certain I was going to be sick.  All I had was a slight stomach ache.  Probably imagined.

Ash didn't get a nap.  Without the before-mentioned air purifier going, there is no hope of her falling asleep unless she's exhausted. 

She did insist on playing outside most of the day and I was a stress mess trying to keep her from tripping into the big hole the electricians has dug, getting run over by the many big trucks constantly coming and going, and following one guy in and out of the crawl space under my parents' house.  She is, as one electrician so aptly put it, "a wanderer."  **pulling my hair out**

We did have a break, now that I'm thinking about it.  The sun decided to finally show up and I began pulling up the arugula.  Arugula is a cold weather crop.  Pulling them all out was my physical act of faith that we will get warm weather (that stays) very soon.  I'm going to plant carrots this week. 

The girls and I ran to the post office and the library.  Britt is not a quiet library patron.  While Ash likes to get on the computer they have for little kids, Britt runs up and down the aisles, giggling and squealing.  One lady I passed said, "I had twins, I feel your pain."  I thought, "Pain?  Who said anything about pain?  I think my little running beasty-baby is hilarious!"  And, for the most part, I do.

When we got home the melt-downs commenced.  **sigh**  Wait.  Did I say hilarious?  Umm.......

The girls cried, screamed, and fought.  You'd be proud of how cool, calm, and collected I remained throughout.

Funny story:  In the middle of one of her tantrums, Ash realized her nose was running so she picked up the nearest object and mindlessly wiped her nose on the bottom of it.  The item?  A shoe.  I couldn't help it.  I bust a gut laughing at her.  She, of course, wasn't amused.

I decided to feed them dinner early, brush their teeth and send them to bed.  They were out before the clock said 7:30pm.  **cheer**

Ok, so I may have been exaggerating a bit.  It wasn't that bad of a day.  It had its moments.


mun said...

Oh dear, wiping her nose with the bottom of a shoe?! I hope the shoe wasn't very dirty.

Amy said...

Still, frustration can be deadly.

Good job keeping your cool!
I liked that book as a kid too.

alissa4illustration said...

We all have bad days. I was beginning to think last week that I was the only one who blogged about a bad day. Everyone always seems so chipper.

I would have laughed at the bottom of the shoe bit as well! LOL Sounds like something Isaak would do.

Myrnie said...

Oh, what a day!! Man, we've had those days :)

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Oh my gosh...Hilarious! I love your description.... My morning today was filled with Henry tantrums.....like he cried for most of the morning that Jack was at school b/c he couldn't have the iPad (b/c he was yelling at me & fighting with his sister over who could close the truck door). Lucky I had a friend & her 3 girls coming over......it broke the spell & he's now coloring quietly at our kitchen table.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

the day didn't start great to begin with, and the power being out is unwelcomed and annoying! and i think, you all done quite well having to cope with power outage.

Mrs. K said...

I'm glad you survived it to be able to humor us with the recap. LOL. I hope tomorrow is better. And I cannot stop laughing about the shoe. Hilarious :)

Faith said...

awww, hope tomorrow is better! you def. deserved that laugh after this day!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I have that story, but have never read it. It sounds like you had quite a similar day. What is it about mommies and showers? Why don't we listen to ourselves and take showers when we need to instead of putting them off? Will we ever learn?

The shoe got me. Poor little Ash.

Redbabe said...

Well, one bad day brings 7 good days!!! *I created this :p* It'll be worth it. Lols...

Anonymous said...

Hey I've had days like this at least once a week. LOL.