Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today I'd Like to Know Why You Read My Blog.

I was thinking about my blog, while folding laundry, this evening and pondering about all the people that I've made bloggy friends with, how some posts elicit more responses than others and I started to wonder.....

Why do you read my blog?  I'm looking for totally honest answers here. 

Is it to see what I'm up to because you know me personally?

Do you like my adventures?  Semi-helpful hints?  Pictures?  Occasional crafts & recipes?

Do you read because you are a faithful comment backer?

Are you checking in because my kids are just so stinkin' cute?

I'm super curious and, let's be honest, some days I can't think of anything interesting or different that I did (like today) and it'd be nice to know what you all are most interested in. 

And because my girls seriously are the bees knees:

Valentines Dresses 1

Valentines Dresses 2

Valentines Dresses 3

Valentines Dresses 4

Pictures from February.  I seriously need to get some currents photos of the two of them together.


Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty said...

I read your blog because I like the concept. "What I did today". Sometimes it's laundry, sometimes it's thought-provoking. I read few blogs that are outside of the realm of crafting/cooking/homemaking. Yours is a welcome change in pace. I appreciate reading the daily thoughts of another mom living day-to-day like the rest of us.

Myrnie said...

Hmmm.... 1) because I know you, 2) because you blog about such varied things 3) because you leave such well thought out comments I would feel bad if I didn't visit you here! :)

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Yes, your kids are stinking cute! AT first I was really drawn to your adorable girls (I have mentioned that I wanted to have baby girls.) But then as I keep following you, you are a very interesting person; And your blogging style is so unique and refreshing.

Amy said...

I agree with Tristin. I love the "What I did Today" thing.
I also read your blog because I think you're cute and funny and you're also kind and sweet and you comment on my blog. :)
I agree with a lot of your opinions and I feel like if we were to ever hang out in real life, we'd get along great and laugh a lot.
You're just awesome. And your name rhymes with mine.
And yes, your girls are definitely the bees-knees!

Jenny said...

Well, I read your blog because I am a hopeless blog stalker...oh yeah and I also know you for reals-ies. And It is fun to keep up with your family. :) You are one of my rare blogs that I read that actually gets updated week or two (or month or two) between posts for you, no ma'am. :)

Saimi said...

Before I follow a blog I'll read it and if it catches my fancy I'll follow. Once I'm a follower I'm pretty loyal and like to comment, by doing so I start to feel like I know you and I want to read more, which in turn I comment...The cycle continues.

Oh and because you have ADORABLE cute children too!!

MommyMert said...

Because I LOVE you! And those delicious baby faces!

Rachel said...

I read your blog for so many reasons! I, too, love the "What I did Today" thing. It makes me think about one thing I've done every day. Also, our kids are around the same ages and its fun to see how other parents are dealing with toddlers and babies. =] Also, Scott looked up to you a lot on your mission, so I feel like I kind of know you. If only they'd have another mission reunion so our little ones could play!

I love those pictures of your girls. They are adorable and you can see the love they have for one another. So cute!

Redbabe said...

1) because i dunno you personally and would like to know you more.
2) because yours kids are super cute.
3) because the things you blogged about are simple everyday stuff "What I did today' and I can relate to it.
4) because you inspire with your hints/crafts/cooking tips!
5) because it has already been programmed into my routine.
6) because you don't write heavy stuff which many blog does which can be quite a bored sometimes.
7) because you blogged pretty constant and regularly and it is nice to follow unlike some other blogger who probably blog once a month? :p
8) because you are NICE! I like you :)

alissa4illustration said...

All the reasons are great, and are in no particular order:

1) You started leaving comments on my blog, so I left comments on yours.
2) You stopped leaving comments on my blog, and I was wondering {hummm I wonder how that lady is doing with the cute little kid that won't drink out of sippy cup is doing?}
3) I left more comments, and you left some more back.
4) I like you.
5) I like how you blog about different things.
6) You blog most everyday.
7) You have good tips.
8) And yes, your kids are cute!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


What keeps me coming back (like Tristan and Amy mentioned) is because I like the concept of "What I did today..." fueling each post. I really want to know what you did.

Oh yeah, and your girls are so stinkin' cute!

mun said...

Hi Jamie,

I follow your blog because:
1. I am curious about what you are up to.
2. I don't know you but I like you from what you have written so far.
3. Your girls are very cute.

Aunt LoLo said...

I'm sensing a theme here. ;-) I read your blog because 1) it is well written, 2) the pictures are pretty (it's a major bummer to read a blog with ugly, tiny pictures!!) 3) you are always upbeat (again, not a downer. haha) and 4) you take the time to comment on (obviously) a lot of blogs. You're part of the community. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I love coming here because...Funny you should ask, because I was thinking about it when I read the first post I commented on (Mothers Day post)...I like how you choose one thought, task or experience for your focus for each post. I love your personality, which shines through you writing..your love of family. I think your children are as cute as pink buttons! Everything you do seems really interesting...You are positive and inspiring. Yours is one of my very favorite blogs! :)