Friday, November 11, 2011

Today I Didn't Play in the Rain.

It rained almost all day today and was pretty cold. I think the cold feels worse when it's wet outside. I was hoping to take the girls out for some "fresh air" like I did yesterday. Oh well.  Each day has its own perks, right? I thought I'd share the video I caught of the kids playing in the leaves in the front yard yesterday. Only downside is I forgot to hold the camera correctly. So you'll have to turn your head or your computer sideways to see the video properly. If anyone knows how I can fix this, let me know and I'll do so. :)


Saimi said...

Are you kidding me, I'm so impressed you can post a video, who cares if it's a little sideways!

You have skills I would love to have!!


My Journey With Candida said...

I am with Saimi, I have no idea how to post a video.... maybe you should post a post on how to post videos for dummies.

How much fun to be young and play in the leaves like that.

I am now following gfc and I put you on my blog roll. I thought I had put you there before but maybe not. You are there now.

alissa4illustration said...

It's really cute. I've turned them before, but it took awhile to figure it out and I needed to use iMovie from my work.

mun said...

It is raining and cold over here as well!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

love the video!

where did you get brit's bonnet? i love it!

Amy said...

Awe I LOVE fall leaves!! Don't get them much down here.

I was half expecting a "can't put my arms down!" at some point in the video. So much fun!

Faith said...

they are so cute! loved the video!

i'm with the other ladies ... i have no idea how to post a video so you are steps ahead of me, hehe.

Aunt LoLo said...

bahahahahaa. Awesome!!! (And the video shows up straight for me. :-))