Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today I Made Pie.

I originally decided I'd just make one fudgy pecan brownie pie

And I did, though with a lot less pecan than it called for.  I'm not a huge fan of pecan with chocolate.  But that left me with waaaaay too many pecans because I purchased too many in the first place.  So, I decided to make chunky pecan pie bars to use up as many pecans as possible. 

While I was online looking for this recipe I decided to take a quick peek at Facebook and saw that Myrnie was busy baking a ton of pies, including the brown sugar buttermilk pie she shared on her blog last week.

This is the same pie which I vowed I would make for Thanksgiving.  And then promptly forgot, which extremely common for me.  I, obviously, remembered that I really wanted to make this pie, so my sweet Tony ran to the store for pie dough crust, buttermilk and pie pans (and a couple other things) and I made two.

That's not all. 

Tony also brought home two of those huge, delicious pumpkin pies from Costco (before I even started baking, I should add).  We've got pie coming out our ears.  Five to be exact. 

Mom has decided not to make the two pies she had planned on making.  That's what you get for asking the pregnant lady to bring a green salad.  I guess. :D

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, what are you doing to contribute to the feast?  Or are your hosting and making just about everything yourself?  I've never cooked a turkey before.  I've only ever been a guest.  And I like it that way! 


mun said...

I love to eat pies. If only I could bake. :(

My Journey With Candida said...

Oh My gosh... that looks like heaven.
Happy Thanksgiving.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I just re-heated today...but it was all good.

alissa4illustration said...

It's a good thing you have a big family! :)

Faith said...

i've never made a pie in my life! i hope i change that soon ... and actually enjoy pie. i don't think i've had a pie that i've LOVED so that is probably why i haven't made any ... but seriously, i look at pie and want to eat it all the time! :)