Monday, February 13, 2012

Today I Cut, Folded, Fed, Washed, and Much More.

I'm spinning about like a top today and tomorrow promises more of the same.  I'm not ready for Valentines Day nor for my husband's up and coming birthday party. 

My poor grandparents are getting their valentines late this year.  I just finished them up today.  And I have to completely re-think my mom's valentine since the tea pot I ordered from Amazon arrived with a big chip out of the top.  **angry**

(the valentines for grandparents - pictures in a fold out book of course!  got the idea here.)

Tomorrow, I've got to put together all the valentines for my siblings and my kids and make cupcakes, a cake and dinner.  So - now you know what I'm doing tomorrow, just in case a post doesn't happen.

And on a different topic - nursing woes!  I think I must have a fast/heavy let down because Elle sounds like she's drowning sometimes and randomly get very mad at my boob.  I'm also suspecting she may have some reflux issues.  That would cause a bit of a nursing aversion in her, right?  **sigh**  I was frustrated to tears over this today.  Or maybe she's irritated with the way I hold her head or something?  I remember once of the nurses at the hospital saying babies don't like having the back of the heads held a certain way.....  Wouldn't it be nice if all babies learned their mother's language in the womb?  Then they could just be born speaking full sentences and be able to tell us exactly what is going on.

Oh shoot.  It's almost midnight!  Gotta go move the laundry and take a shower while Tony's here to hold the baby.  If I don't get on tomorrow then Happy Valentine's Day (for those of you who celebrate it)!


Myrnie said...

Woah, for reals, slow down!! The baby is the valentine present for everybody :). Co was the same way- he'd nurse, get nailed in the back of the throat with milk when it came down, flail and howl while it made a mess, then get back on and nurse. I learned to keep a burp cloth handy to catch the spray. Good luck!!

MommyMert said...

You need to slow down, and let things go... Worry about the nursing thing. Worry about making your hubby and girls happy... the other things are good things too, but you need to pick what it most important. I am telling you by personal experience. I often feel you and I have many similarities, thus I will tell you--slow down. Enjoy the moment of your newborn and littles. Its the season you are in. I had similar let down, drowing my baby, screaming child with Alexa. It caused a lot of gas in her tummy because she was swallowing so quickly, I had to burp her more often. The position helped, try different ones. Be patient, it will come.

Amy said...

Happy Valentines Day!
The book valentines are super cute.

Hope nursing gets better! Bret's mom said he had reflux issues when he was a baby, so I'm trying to prepare in case the same happens with his son/daughter. It was so funny, she told us the story of how she'd relate little Bret's reflux problems to other women and they'd ask, "Well, how much do you feed him?"
"I breastfeed."
"Yeah, but how many ounces?"
"??? Um, I BREASTFEED." Boobs aren't marked with little lines!
We were cracking up.

My Journey With Candida said...

Oh.... the trials of Motherhood. I feel your pain. Hope today goes better for you.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Faith said...

omg, i love it! so cute! you are incredibly talented and creative! and crafty! can i get half of your gift?!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! ♥

Ash said...

Bianca wouldn't let me even TOUCH her while I fed her when she was a newby. I would have to prop her on a pillow and put my boob where she could get it--no joke. Anything else just got her VERY upset. Hope it gets better! She sure is cute!

alissa apel said...

You're doing too much girl! Everyone will understand if Valentines Day isn't perfect. Your ideas do sound great.

I had that milk issue with Mica. His doctor told me to pump for 5 min. to help with the let down. It worked well for me. He had all kinds of eating issues with his tongue being skinny on one side. I got used to pumping a lot.

mun said...

Happy Valentines Day! Hope the nursing woes are gone now!