Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today I Won my Ebay Auction!

Woohoo!!!  **doin' a happy dance**

I have had the hardest time trying to find a nice, but inexpensive blessing dress for Elle.

Ash had a beautiful April Cornell dress I found on Ebay.

Ash Blessing Day 1
(a tad big, but oh-so cute!)

Ash Blessing Day 2
(this is what she wore under the gown.  gotta love those shoes nana bought for her before she was born.)

Britt wore a gorgeous Biscotti dress I got from an online boutique.

Britt Blessing Day 1
(britt's gown was a non-traditional pink, but i looooooved it.)

Britt Blessing Day 2
(haha at that funny little face she is making.)

I pinned quite a few amazing dresses that were either too big for an early March blessing day or too high of a price tag for my budget.

I just got a steal on Ebay. 

Elle is going to be wearing a lovely, lacy, long April Cornell dress for her blessing day! 

(not a very good pic, but it was the one on the auction.)

Can't wait to take pictures of her in it.

Oh, and Elle lost her umbilical cord on the 10th and is 3 weeks today!  Getting big. 

I'd also like to say thank you because several of you were so sweet to tell me to slow down and take it easy and I hear you.  It was good to be reminded.  The nursing issues seem to be a tad easier.  Elle likes it best when I lay down while nursing her.  Not exactly convenient.  And as for the random irritation she has, I just have to try to feed her more often (like, hourly) and hope she's in a good mood.  If she's not, then I button my shirt up and we do something else and if she is, then she gets to eat! 


Amy said...

Awe, beautiful dresses!! I love it! I"m going to have to try the ebay thing when the need comes. Great idea!

MommyMert said...

That is GORGEOUS! I am excited to see! :) Glad you were able to slow down. xoxo

alissa apel said...

Those dresses are very pretty!!!

I'm glad you are taking it more easy. Maybe it's a good thing that Elle likes to lay down to BF. She wants you to relax.

My Journey With Candida said...

So so cute!!! You did good Mom!! You have three beautiful girls.

You know, when I was younger... someone told my Mom that one of her daughters was pretty. She said. "All My Girls Are Pretty".

Faith said...

I love when I win! Such a beautiful dress! Glad to hear that things are getting easier. And maybe easier isn't the exact word to use but maybe glad to hear that you are getting the hang of things with Elle. Have a great wknd!

mun said...

Oh, Elle is going to be so pretty in her dress on her blessing day.