Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today I Packed Up Toys & Books.

I know.  Not a thrilling title, by any means. 

I packed the first three boxes today.  Mostly because I am so tired of walking in to get the girls up in the morning and finding every single one of their books in Britt's crib.  The first time was cute, but the 14th time is not so much. 

How was your St. Patrick's Day?  I have some pictures to share.  My sister, Molly, wrote this great story about a leprechaun who lost his gold and the kids are supposed to help him find the hidden gold (chocolate in gold wrappers) and put it in the leprechaun's hat.  Then when they've done that they get to eat the chocolate.  It was fun.  I told Molly I wanted a copy of the story so I can make it a tradition with my kids.

(britt "listening" to the story.)

(everyone putting on their "leprechaun helper" head gear.)

(despair over not being able to find any hidden gold.  finding things is not her forte.  nor mine, so i wasn't much of a help to her.)

(this is the face of rebellion.  she did not want to put that piece of chocolate into the leprechaun's hat.  she was ready to eat the candy by this point.)

(and here they are, chowing down on the found leprechaun gold.  i guess the leprechaun decided to reward their helpfulness by sharing his wealth!)

I totally forgot to take photos of Elle in the cute dress my mom picked up for her.  I need to put it back on her just to get pictures.  Kinda like her blessing gown. 

I never told you about the blessing gown.  It came in the mail covered with dirt.  Yes, it was new and had tags but was super dirty.  I soaked it in an oxyclean bath for 5 days and it all came out.  I was so relieved.  Elle looked so precious on her blessing day.  Her dress is seriously beautiful.  We were going to take pictures after the 1st hour of church.  But about 15 minutes after her blessing (thank heaven it wasn't before!), and before the 1st hour was over, Miss Elle had a major blow out!  She completely pooped all over herself and her gorgeous dress - bright yellow poop that could not be hidden.  Good thing I brought a change of clothes to church!  I had to give her gown another oxyclean bath only I left it in longer.  It came out, thankfully.  So - now I have two dresses I need to get a picture of her in. 


My Journey With Candida said...

Oh wow!! You are such a good Mommy. I don't know how you do it with three little ones.

I probably would have sat down and cried when I seen all that poop on her blessing gown.

I guess maybe that is why we have kids when we are younger, as we get older it is harder to handle lifes trials.

Amy said...

Ack, poop is gross! Glad it all came out. Of the dress, I mean. XD

All those sweet dark eyed children are so beautiful! What a fun way to celebrate.

AudreyO said...

Poor Britt not being able to find the gold. She looks so sad in that photo. Let me know how your brownie comes out.

mun said...

Your Saint Patrick's Day celebration is so very fun! I want to look for the gold and put it in the hat. Your sister, Molly wrote such a good story.

I can't wait to see pretty Elle in her two dresses.

alissa apel said...

I want to see the dresses!

I also want part of that chocolate gold! Sound delish!!!

Christy said...

where's the leprechaun story!? Tell molly to share it! :OD

Christy said...

where's the leprechaun story!? Tell molly to share it! :OD

Anonymous said...

Cute story that your sister made. All the girls look adorable.
Sorry about the poo, but at least she got her blessing. I need to use this oxyclean.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Is it wrong that the despair and rebellious faces made me crack up?