Saturday, June 30, 2012

Today I Felt Grubby.

We got back from camping tonight.


It was fun, but sooooooooooooo exhausting!

The drive was only a bit under 2 hours.  We went to Banida, Idaho.  A little tiny blip near Preston that even Google Maps can't find.  That's the area where my paternal grandfather is from.  Does Bear Lake ring a bell for anyone?

I got allergies almost the moment we stepped out of the car.  Ugh.  My left eye began to itch horribly and kept trying to push my contact out.  And, get this......  I forgot to bring my glasses.  Bleh. 

Luckily one of my cousins is a pharmacist and she knew what I could safely take (still breastfeeding Elle).  AND she had a nice 24 hour  pill for me.  It didn't set in right away but it gradually worked and I was super grateful!

All three girls were so happy to run around, play on the old playground, check out the picnic benches and firepit and climb on the the little Banida monument.  Tony took the pictures at this point. 

I had packed light food for the girls because they keep randomly throwing up (over a week now) and I'm assuming it's because we keep trying heavier fare and their stomachs just can't handle it yet.  I really should have made them eat what I brought (applesauce, rice, and chicken), but they wanted the chips and dip, beans, and sloppy joes that everyone else was having.  I gave in, like the moron I sometimes am. 

After dinner we lit a campfire and roasted marshmallows for s'mores.  Wanna know what gourmet s'more is now my absolute favorite?  Marshmallow, Reese's peanut butter cup, pretzel, and graham crackers.  YUM!  My kids only nibbled theirs (thankfully).  Once it was dark, I busted out the head lamps, glow sticks, glow necklaces, and glow bracelets.  My kids, my sister's kids, and the few siblings of mine that came had a blast with those.

Then it was bedtime for the babies (Elle had already gone to bed long before dark) and the adults stayed up till past midnight laughing and telling funny stories.  At around 12:30 am I snuggled into my sleeping bag next to Elle and was about to go to sleep when I heard it.  The unmistakable sound of a puking child.  I am sooooooooo thankful that my sister brought extra blankets and hoodies.  I brought clorox wipes and baby wipes but completely forgot to pack the paper towels. 

Britt totally barfed all over herself and her sleeping bag.  Luckily she did most of follow-up vomiting while I was cleaning up her bedding and play pen.  I'm sure it was after 1am when we all, finally settled back down.  Tony hopped up to help her throw-up in a bucket a couple more times while I pretty much passed out. 

Around 2am I heard it again.  Yep, that AWFUL sound.  This time it was Ash.  And it was even more messy and she kept at it for a good hour and a half.  Oy.  What a night!  The birds were getting up when we finally went back to bed.

Oh!  And guess what else?  Totally forgot this detail.  Elle threw up all over my sleeping bag (not just the normal baby spit up) right after Britt got us up.  I think her system took offense to that allergy pill I had ingested earlier.  She was fine before and after that.  So weird.

Our whole family was exhausted after that night.  And we had to have fun the next day too!  Which of course took even more out of us!

We spent our time:

- Having a big breakfast with a bunch of family members we don't know and a couple that we do.
- Playing games like racing and tug-o-war.
- Laying around in the shade because it was sooooo hot.
- Waiting for my dad to finish up with the auction they had at this reunion.
- Going to the Downata Water Park.  Ash had a stinkin' BLAST!  Britt was ok, but not overly thrilled.
Elle enjoyed it too and splashed like a little water baby.
- Gorging ourselves at the big potluck dinner.

Then we came home.  And everyone got bathed or showered.  Ash was a dramatic mess at this point and all three of my kids konked out as soon as their heads hit the mattress.  Did I mention we're exhausted?  Hahah! 

But guess what?  It was really fun!  I think I got a touch of heat sickness from it being so warm and being out in the sun so long, but I just love hanging out with my sister and her funny husband and kids.  And I got to see my brother, Daniel, for the first time in over 2 years (he just got back from serving a mission in New York City).  I was also able to spend a little time with my Dad and paternal grandparents too. 

Can't wait to go camping again!

Hopefully without the barf.  Lesson learned though.  I'm packing WAY more blankets and clothes next time!


Saimi said...

Don't forget the paper towels!! Wow what a trip, I can't believe all that throwing up was going on how crazy it that! It's hard enough having that at home but at least there is a tub. I can't even imagine handling that while camping! What a woman you are!!!

alissa apel said...

Oh boy! Throwing up and camping doesn't mix well! I'm glad they were well enough to have fun the next day!

It reminds me of the time when we went to the in-laws. I too thought the boys were over it. One had a major poop explosion. The other threw up all over everything. These are people that don't like to overly consume water. Really I didn't have a choice. Their house smelled awful!

My Journey With Candida said...

That sounds as bad as my trip to Seaside.

I know how your eyes feel when the allergies kick up. Mine seem to do better now that I am on the alkaline diet.

I wish you better luck on your next camping trip

mun said...

What an enjoyable camping trip except for the throwing up. I love all the candid photos, especially of Elle.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the trip was lots of fun, minus the barf. Hopefully everyone is better now.