Friday, October 29, 2010

Today I Caught My Daughter With My Camera.

But not before she snapped a shot of her most favorite body parts - her FEET!


Why her favorite?  Well, because she has a major love for shoes. 

Matter of fact, "shoe" was her first word.

Actually, maybe she was trying to take a picture of my sparkly flats.

They are cute shoes and she often "borrows" them.

Or maybe this photo wasn't supposed to be about shoes or feet at all. 

Maybe she was attempting to take her doll's picture. 

That lace is the bottom of the doll's dress.

Oh but look!  The doll's shoes made it into the photo too! 

Wanna know what I think? 

I think she was just pushing all the cool buttons on my camera.

1 comment:

MommyMert said...

I love her little toes. I love little feet! Something about them... they make me giggle. :) I think you are a wonderful Mommy. Keep it up.