Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today I Needed Some Professional Help.

I've mentioned it before, but now that we're getting down to the last few days, I'm bringing it up again. 
We were supposed to have already been done. 
But we just aren't ready on our end and the place we're moving to isn't ready for us yet either. 
And I've had other commitments and Tony has had some big projects at work.


To say I'm stressed out is a major understatement. 
I've never had to move with a Britt-Britt before. 
Not that I'm blaming her.  That would be immature of me.  :P 
Britt is definitely the more needy of my two girls though. 
She's getting better. 
She sits and entertains herself for longer stretches of time now.
But she still wants to be held a lot.
She's very loud when she's displeased.
She bit me today.
I was loud too.
So she cried. 
I almost cried too.

Anyways, I needed help today.  I really could have used (still could):

3 Packers.
2 Baby-sitters
1 Psychic to tell me what I REALLY do need and what to get rid of.
4 Movers
2 People to take my extra stuff and list it on Ebay
1 Cook and snack provider
5 House cleaners
1 Go-fer

Ah.  A girl can dream, right? 
Please pray for me to be able to use my time wisely and be able to just let go of the stuff I don't need!!!!
I can do this.
Nice to have a little bloggy break.  Sorry for not giving y'all much comment love.  I have starred everyone I owe a comment back to.  I WILL be visiting you as soon as all this mess is behind me.
Now, back to work! 


Kevin and Kristen said...

I hear ya! I hate moving! I do not look forward to the day that we have to move ourselves! I keep telling Kevin if we move again it better be with a company that will move us like the last two moves! Wish we lived closer I'd help out! Good luck!

Thalita Dol said...

Oh, your Britt sounds like my Lilla,so I know what you're talking about...

Good luck on the moving!

hugs from Brazil!

Jenny Bolech said...

Yuck! I hate moving too... very stressful! I'm actually moving today too! (Ok, they are just moving a few desks around at work to prepare for some upcoming construction, and they do have movers coming to do it for us, but we did have to clean up all our junk.) I hope everything goes well with your move, it will be done before you know it :) Good luck!

katskraps4kids said...

Well, plz do NOT take time to comment me back cuz you're busy enough already Chickie! Just sending you a hug thru space and a smile and an assurance that one day, I PROMISE, she will be less needy.
I wish I lived closer cuz I would sure come help you move and pack or whatever. (of course, I know you don't really know me from Adam,so that might not be a good idea anyway LOL!) But really, I do hope you get moved soon and that you feel not so overwhelmed.

Faith said...

awww, i hate packing too. stinks. i hope that everything goes smooth and that all the boxes will be packed up before you know it.

a lil advice if ya want: anything you haven't seen in over a year you probably don't need ... get rid of it! :)

CK said...

Awww! I feel for you!!! Oh, man, if I were there, I'd keep your kids occupied (along with mine of course because they follow me every where I go).
Good luck and DO NOT worry about comment love. We'll live.