Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today I Did The Halloween Thing.

Hubster and I dressed the girls up at 5pm this evening for trick-or-treating in town.  As long as I can remember they close down the main street in the middle of town and all the merchants pass out goodies.  When Halloween falls on a Sunday, they do it on Saturday.  I'm glad they do because to me Halloween and the Lord's Day/Sabbath/Sunday just don't mix.  Anyways, we only went for a little bit because it was getting dark and because Ash didn't need a bunch of candy she can't eat anyways.  No soy or dairy, remember?  And funny!  Her favorite treat was the apple she got.  She couldn't even wait until we were done to fish it out of her bag and start munching.  She loooooooooooves apples. 

Then we went to a party done by the members of our church.  It was a harvest/barn/costume party.  There was a chili cook-off and lots of apple desserts.  There was square dancing and, sad, Tony refused to dance.  They had a table set up for the kids to decorate little pumpkins.  Ash thought hers was an apple and tried to eat it.  Haha!  She really enjoyed herself.  She's quite the little dancer.  I've got to get her into some mommy and me dance classes soon.  She's been dancing since she was quite little and could bob and weave her upper body. 

Britt liked the bread and being passed around to various admirers.  But mostly she just hated her hat.  I never did get it taken it, but adding a beanie underneath really helped.  I only made her wear it for trick-or-treating and then she got to just sport the cute beanie. 

They never look in the same direction.  Gotta love Britt's pointed toes.

They were copying me.  I was shaking a jingle ball in an attempt to get a little cooperation.

So, just in case you can't tell: Ash went as a butterfly and Britt was a flower.   I convinced Tony to wear all black and I wore all white.  Originally we were going to be salt and pepper, but Hubby declined painting a P on his face.  So, I decided we could be Black and White - Opposites that Attract.  That's what I told people anyways.  Only to find out that the Mr. was telling everyone that I was an angel and he was a devil's advocate.  Niiiice.  **rolling my eyes** Not too far from the truth though.  :D 

So there you have it.  Hope everyone had a nice evening and be safe tomorrow! 


Amy said...

Ooh and apple lover! She'll be a healthy one. :)
Dressing up for halloween is so not my husband's thing. Even doing the black & white thing would be a humongous stretch.
The other day I suggested he dress up as Ted from the show "How I met your Mother." Since the character dresses just like he does, he thought that might not be such a bad idea.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

your kids are so adorable - such a cute pair, a flower and a butterfly!
and i like you and hubby's take on black and white - salt and pepper or angel and devil!

HeAd aBoVe wAteR said...

tony, your lame for not dancing! cute costumes!

alissa4illustration said...

They are so cute!

Can Britt have soy and dairy? I know sometimes a food allergy can happen with all the kid's in the family.

It's great that Ash likes apples!

My oldest once asked for an apple over and over again when I was cutting up an onion. I gave him a sliver thinking that he'd spit it out. Nope! He asked for more. Onion breath!

Mrs. K said...

Too adorable! You did good :) BTW, I can't get over how much your oldest looks like you.

welcome to our wonderland said...

love their costumes :) those are such pretty butterfly wings