Friday, October 15, 2010

Today I Made Antennae.

I wanted to show you the finished product but the paint still isn't dry.  **pout**  But, I figured I might as well share my excitement.  Yesterday I found everything else I needed for Ash's costume except the antennae!  I looked everywhere!  How come no one sells them? 

I decided to just make some.  I totally lucked out!  That does mean I got lucky, right?  Anyways, I found everything I needed when the girls and I took a stroller walk around town.  Oh, and this isn't a tutorial.  It's a story with lots of pictures. 

Here we have all my pieces.  Styrofoam balls, Halloween headband, black paint, and pipe cleaners. 

I decided to attack the headband right away.  It was reduced price, the shop owner said, because the little monster/spider didn't light up like it was supposed to.  Before I ripped it apart I pressed the little guy and, sad, it worked!  Oh well. 

The eeek was only glued on and stitched in a couple spots.  Easy-peasy. 

I was a little stumped by the weird wires that were left, but I pulled and twisted at them for a little bit and then they were free! Yay!

At that point the headband was looking rather sorry.  Luckily it was quite effortless to move the knit around...

...and voila!  Hidden seam!  Pardon the poorly focused picture.  My camera thought my hand was the main point of the shot.  Cool though, right?

Next was the styrofoam balls' turn.  I decided to paint four even though I only need two.  Best to be prepared for everything, I'd say. 

Beautiful, aren't they?  They look like black meatballs.  Well, that's it!  If I have time tomorrow, I'll letcha all see the finally product on Ash's cute, little head.  I don't normally post on weekends, but maybe I'll just do Monday's post two days early!  :)


Faith said...

can't wait to see the results! love how creative you are!

Amy said...

Very very cute! I love homemade costume projects, they are the funnest! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Mrs. K said...

Neat-o! You're so creative. I didn't think about those looking like black meatballs but now I see it and I'm hungry. Gotta go eat! LOL.

Redbabe said...

Yeah... they does look like some black meatballs against that salad background you have there in the newspaper... hahaha....

Can't wait till you show us the end product! Hurry hurry! *excited*