Friday, October 8, 2010

Today I Didn't Look In The Mirror.

I didn't look in the mirror at all because what I see isn't all that encouraging.  My hair has been carelessly thrown back into a ponytail for a week.  I haven't bothered to put on make-up (not even sure I could find it in the pile of boxes in our new place).  Whoever said zits is only a teenager problem was out to lunch.  And upon recent closer examinations of my face in the glass, I have discovered wrinkles.  I never thought that day would come!  And why overnight??  I'm still hanging on to some baby pudge.  Oh, and let's not forget the nice, bloody scab right in the center of the bridge of my nose.  A present from Britt.  I need to clip her nails.  Do you get the picture here?

So instead of looking at all these imperfections in the bathroom mirror, I've decided to focus on the reflection I see in my daughters' eyes.  My appearance is ever so much more than the outer shell from their point of view.  When I look at myself through their eyes I really like what I see.  I am BEAUTIFUL!  A lesson can definitely be learned here.


Mrs. K said...

I LOVE IT. And I like what you titled your label. You are beautiful outside (you're just having some I'm too busy to fix myself up days or even care to). I think most people have those days. And of course you are definitely beautiful inside which as we know is what matters the most :). It's precious that it so easy for you to see your beauty through your daughter's eyes :). Have a good day!

Amy said...

LOVE this post!! It's so hard not to see every imperfection in our face and body, especially when they aren't airbrushed to perfection by expensive cosmetics and personal trainers.
I love the label too: don't judge your own book by its cover. Can I add: don't judge it by its faults either.
I hope I'm just as beautiful through the eyes of my baby girl!

Muthering Heights said...

That's a great attitude!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Great post...we've all been there, but I like your perspective of turning the energy around.

Redbabe said...

Hey.. You Are Beautiful!

katskraps4kids said...

true true true. I thought I'd grow old gracefully but I have not. & my wrinkles seem to ahve happened overnight too! I am glad our kids love us and see us as beautiful always.

Sidenote- I finally did my decoupage table and I did post on it. Too bad I can't decoupage my FACE!!! ...I know that's not funny,& totally goes against the point of your post, but I am sleepydrunk right now and just silly. Forgive me.

Hope you get settled in soon. I HATE moving so I feel for ya Girly! Be blessed, Karyl =0)

CK said...

This is a beautiful post in a way. I think it is true that our children don't see our flaws in our face and weight, etc.
BTW I totally felt that way when we moved! But things got better! They really did get back to normal eventually. Good luck! I wish I could come help!