Monday, October 25, 2010

Today I Went To Signing Time Class With My Girls.

Ash, Britt, and I go to a musical sign language class and have a ton of fun.  It's put on by the Seattle Parks Department and held at a community center.  Tony and I introduced Ash to sign language when she was a year because she was showing a lot of frustration over not being able communicate with us.  We used the Baby Signing Time dvds and she fell in love pretty quickly.

At our signing time classes we sing songs and sign the words and dance around. Mostly it's just us mommies doing all the singing and signing, but the kids are taking it all in and Ash signs at home, even if she doesn't sign much at class. Ash is the oldest and Britt is the youngest. And I'm the only one with two kids in the class. It's pretty fun!  My sister, Molly, came with me today and took pictures!  Yay!

Ash enjoying the big room.

Britt on the drum.

Ash dancing with scarves.  As you can see from the reflection, Britt and I were dancing with her.

Britt-Britt is waving and of course I am just so impressed at her smarts.

Listening to "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" in song and sign.  No, that's not a real spider on the floor.  It's a Halloween ring someone dropped.

What does it mean that Ash likes to wander around and do her own thing a bit more than participating in class?

I love this one the most.  You can see Ash, Molly, and Britt.  So cute.  Ash is off on her own - taking up all the empty space and Britt is next to everyone else.  Though, right after this was taken, Britt crawled over to Ash.  She was following her sister!  She's starting to do that more and more often.  :)


Amy said...

So cute! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Ah, I miss dance rooms. They are lovely places.

Myrnie said...

Fun! The parks departments are such a great resource :) (And yeah, here I am being all creepy stalkerish, but you look SO familiar to me, and it's bugging me that I don't know why :)

alissa4illustration said...

My oldest son always did his own thing until now. He now listens at preschool. It just takes time.

I love the photo's and learning sign language is very good for them!

My niece who is in high school has been teaching herself. She started a cheer leading squad for special needs kids. I'm so proud of her.