Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today I Jived.

Is that how you say it?  Or should I have said, today I did The Jive?  Maybe I could have said, today I danced with the stars.  Because that's exactly what I did.  :)

I popped this dvd into my player and worked up a sweat.  And that's saying something since I really don't perspire easily.  And it's actually enjoyable!  I'm gonna have to check out the rest of the dvds in this series.  It's a lot of fun - especially the swing. 

I used to go dancing a lot - swing, latin, modern, tap, and ballet.  But that was 10 years ago.  This is now.  And I'm content to dance in the privacy of my own living room.  Haha! 

I must say though, if someone taught a cardio/swing dance class around here where I live, I'd cut some things out of my budget so I could take them.  Totally! 

I'm really not into the whole zumba thing.  Sensually shaking my body parts is so not me (not hating on those of you who do zumba).  But jumping up and down, kicking, and waving my arms to a fun tune?  Learning a routine I can use later?  THAT is where it is at! 

Just thought those of you who like upbeat exercise dvds would be interested in knowing about this series.  Have a good time!  And let me know if you have a work-out dvd that I should try out


Kimberly said...

This looks really fun! Thanks for the review and if I run across any (that is, if I actually WORK OUT), I'll pass along favs.

Christy said...

Don't hate on me because I do Zumba. :oP

Redbabe said...

Good for you WIDT. :) Sweat it all out!! :) Never try zumba but judging from my current sweat, I dont think I have more to offer. :p

Amy said...

Yay! I was a dancer too!!

I just bought the DWTS latin video. If you don't like moving your hips around, you might not like this video. I did a zumba class once and I moved my hips a LOT more with the DWTS video.

Funny story about the zumba class, sorry about the novel: my mom is the relief society president of a spanish branch here in Mesa. My dad is the branch president (even though they are both Caucasian, they both speak spanish.) Some members of the branch put together a free zumba class for exercise and a fun missionary effort. So i go to the class and the sweet full-time elders came, complete with tee shirts, b-ball shorts and missionary tags to support the class. I was in the front (not by choice, even though I'm an able latin dancer) and the elders were behind me.
You can imagine my discomfort and the prospect of "shaking my bootie" during some of the zumba exercises with these poor elders right behind my ghetto-sized hindquarters.
I guess that's why I moved my hips a lot more in the privacy of my own home with the DWTS latin video than I did at zumba with missionaries right behind me.