Friday, April 15, 2011

Today I Filled a Box for Japan.

Remember that bit I wrote about different fund raising items to help Japan?  Well, I ran across a post by CK about how she and her kids filled a box of needed items for people in Ishinomaki, so I got the idea from her.  She was inspired by Nicole, who has the address to where we'll all shipping boxes to.  I just got so excited when I realized that I could help!  I ran over to my siblings' house and got them all worked up and willing to help.  So we filled a large priority box together and several of my siblings chipped in to get it shipped. 

This is something everybody can do.  We've all got extras of one thing or another stocked up in our house.  We can all fill at least one little box.  We can all scour our sofas, sock drawers and cars for the change to get the box(es) mailed.  If you'd like the address to send your own box, head over to The Sleepytime Gal and leave Nicole a comment so she can get it to you.  Have a great weekend!

What we put in the box.

Thank you to CK and Nicole for letting me know how I can help my Japanese brothers and sisters.


Saimi said...

That's awesome, how thoughtful of you!!

Faith said...

what an amazing thing to do! God bless you!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

You are very thoughtful and inspiring!

Redbabe said...

good job. :)