Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today I Saw What You See.

I can't believe the awesome dialoge that yesterday's post has generated.  Thank you to each one of you for the detailed stories and comments.  You've each given me fodder to mentally chew and ponder.  Hope to see even more the next couple of days.  Please feel free to add more if something comes to mind. 

As I was going through the photo box again, before throwing it back into storage, I found two pictures that astounded me.  You are right!!  My kids really DO look like me!!! 

Christmas at Age 3
Ash, I mean ME!  Don't tell Mom I posted this particular pic of her.  Haha.  Wait.  On second thought, look what she did to my poor hair!!

Jamie's First Easter
Britt.  Nope, me again!  Could have sworn it was the Britt-Britt.  Same expression.  Same short, chubby arms.  Same determination to get everything off of her head.

Crazy.  And pretty darn cool.


Just Bits and Pieces said...

WOW!!!! Little mini you's!

Amy said...

hahaha! I love it. And your label... not very old block. Cute!

Seriously, they do look like you. I look at pictures of Bret when he was a kid and i just hope, hope, HOPE I get a little boy that looks just like him. He was so CUTE!!!! {still is :)}

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Your girls DO look like you, and like them you are SO cute as a baby. It amazes me that you are surprised by this at all!
My favorite is the one of you that looks like Brit! Yap, same facial attitude, err, i mean expression. ;)

alissa4illustration said...

So funny! They do look like you. Mica looked looked like me the first two years, now he looks like Travis. Isaak looks like a boy ver. of me. LOL

It's harder to say they look like you when they are are the opposite sex.