Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today I Went to a Princess Party.

And all the little girls were supposed to dress as princesses.  The following pictures prove it. 

Princess Cheesey
Princess Cheesy

Princess Shortcake
Princess Shortcake

Birthday Girl
The Birthday Girl

Princess Bouncy
Princess Bouncy

Princess Toothy
Princess Toothy

On a slightly related note, have any of you read "Cinderella Ate My Daughter?"  I'm going to.


Vicky said...

Where is Princess Jamie? xx.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Brit's huge grin in 'princess toothy' photo is so cute. I just want to squeeze her cheeks!
All the girls are so pretty. Love the princess theme party!

Amy said...

hahahaha! that book looks hilarious. I'm a total girly girl myself. hope there's nothing wrong with that.

Happy birthday to your princess!

Mrs. K said...

These princesses are so adorable. Sounds like a good time. So did you get all princess-ed up too? LOL

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful pictures, especially the last one of your little girl. Hey, that books sounds great. I'm a girlie girl, too!

Anonymous said...


alissa4illustration said...

This is when I miss having girls in my family! Boys are fun too.

Such cute photos!