Friday, March 18, 2011

Today I Was Thinking About How to Help Japan.

We've all had it on our minds - the plight of the poor people in Japan whose lives have been forever changed by the devastating natural disasters that recently occurred there.  I've been thinking about beefing up my family's 72 hour kits and brushing up on my first aid knowledge.  I've also been thinking about how I can help the people of Japan.  I could try to raise money, but as I've been reading online, I've realized that there are plenty of other great fundraisers going on and I've compiled a short list of people trying to make a difference for Japan.

First off, my sister and a friend are donating all the proceeds from sales on their soaps.  I've received her soaps before and they are niiiiiiiiiiiice.

Here are some more:

Felt hair clips.

Handmade Nature Greeting Card.

Handmade Birthday Card.

Sushi Candles.

Red Polka Dot Skirt.

Ferris Wheel Print.

Cascade Drop Earrings.

Silver & Copper Ring.

Also, we can simply give money.  Just make sure that 100% of your donation is going to Japan.  Not all charities are created equal.  :)  I'm going to go through the Humanitarian Aid Fund.


Redbabe said...

Good job WIDT! And over here, we send socks :)

Myrnie said...

What sweet things people are doing...LDS Humanitarian services donates 100% as well.

Saimi said...

What cute crafty donations! The Sushi candles...clever! I'm doing good on the year supply but I need to be better with the 72 hr. kit..I should beef mine up as well.

Thanks for the reminder!

Amy said...

I sighed more than once while looking at those pictures. It was a sigh of longing and wanting each item very much. CUTE!!!! Everything. That birthday card is darling. And the owl clip? Awe...

Way to go on the humanitarian effort! I wish I could be more selfless like that.