Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today I (Again) Wondered What "Gutchen" Means.

I still don't know exactly what a "gutchen" is.  I'm not exactly sure when Ash started using the word.  4 or 5 days ago when we were walking to our door in the dark, she was initially lagging behind but then started running to catch up and yelling, "Mama!  Mama!  A gutchen!"  I was thinking, "Okaaaay."  Then, day before yesterday, she saw one of Tony's vampire books on the sofa.  Yes, my husband read (and enjoyed) the Twilight series, has read other vampire themed books since then and watches Vampire Diaries.  Don't ask.  I have no idea. 

(here's the cover so you can see what she saw.  source.)

She pointed to the girl on the cover and said, "She's a gutchen, Mama."  I asked, "She is?"  Ash said, "Yes."

Later that same day, Ash was watching Beauty and the Beast (her absolute favorite).  At the part where the Beast is upset with Belle for entering the West Wing, Ash said, "Mama, the Beast is a gutchen."  "The Beast is a gutchen?" I asked, making sure I was hearing right.  Ash said, "Yes." 
I asked everyone I could think of if they'd ever heard of a gutchen and what they thought she might be saying.  No one has any idea.  My mom thinks Ash has just made up another word, like "Gabby" for Tinkerbell (she does use the correct name for that fairy now).

My best guess is that a gutchen is something with a mean or scary face/intention - like a monster.

Today I was hanging up these little jack-o-lantern doilies I made back in '07.

When I was done, I stepped back and said, "There.  All done.  Aren't they pretty?" 

Ash said, "Pretty gutchens."


I guess that as long as she doesn't call me a gutchen, it's all good.


Rachel said...

HAHA! We love it! This made us both laugh. =] Don't you love the made-up words? Andrew calls anything he has two of "two-skies". We've tried to teach him "two things" or "two-whatever-it-is", but he still insists on using "two-skies".

Gutchen is by far my favorite one I've heard, though!

alissa4illustration said...

Oh my you had me rolling!!!

I love what you wrote as your tag!!! LOL

Kids and their words!

Mica to this day makes up words just because. He's 6.

My first thought was, "Glutton." I have no clue though.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

oh, I love toddler-ese!

Amy said...

Ha ha ha! Oh that's great. I want to start using the name for something beastly or meanish. Like... ugh that guy on the freeway was such a GUTCHEN!

alissa4illustration said...

Could she be trying to say, "Phantom?" I know it's far fetched, but their words come out different from what your and my words do.

Saimi said...

Ha! Gutchen, just gotta love it!

Elizabeth said...

Hail to your husband for reading the Twilight series. My husband only looked at my daughter and I, immersed in the books, and s.i.g.h.e.d..

Well, I saw a scary gutchen movie last night. No more gutchen movies for me! :)

Vicky said...

Bless her. You need to remember this and keep using it. My aunt still calls rabbits "bungoes" and she's now 50! x

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I love the story. I would say that you need to write this one day, but I guess blogging about it is just as good. When she gets a little older, you need to ask her for an explanation. I think you're all good having not been called a "Gutchen."

Faith said...

omg, that is too funny! now i want to know what a gutchen is! thanks for the smile this evening!

Kathy C. said...

oh my gosh! Seriously, that's the cutest thing I've ever heard! I'm new to your blog.. and so glad this was the first post I read. Ah... your daughter sounds sooo entertaining! :)