Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today I Put a Cat Hat on my Kid.

So.  Halloween.  

Do you celebrate it? 

Are you against it?

My mother feels very strongly about this holiday.  She's completely opposed to letting her kids "beg for candy" and hates all the overly scary and disgusting costumes and decor that often go along with Halloween.  She usually hosts some type of costume party with some other families that feel the same as her.

(cute, vintage-looking craft.  source.)

I, so far, have encouraged Ash (and Britt this year) to trick or treat.  I would hand out candy if we didn't live so far off the road.  I love seeing all the different costumes.  We just go do the merchant trick or treat open house in town and it's a lot of fun.  I love all the vintage Halloween decor that is popular right now.  But, I love just about any type of vintage decor. 

I totally agree with my mom's views on how far off base the gore and fright factor has been taken.  Hallowe'en was originally a children's holiday and I think we should give it back to the kids.  The blood and guts and scary stuff is not generally something most little kids enjoy.  The happy jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, cute and creative costumes, bobbing for apples, lollipop ghosts, and corn mazes are what I look forward to when Halloween rolls around.

How about you?

About the cat hat - I just ordered hats and tails from a wonderful seller on etsy (I heart etsy sooooo stinkin' much!!!).  Ash is gonna be a cat and Britt will be a mouse.

(sally powell is soooo super talented.  photo source.)

This ovely artisan made the mouse hat at my request and it turned out beautifully.  The cat one did too of course.  I tried the cat hat on Ash this afternoon (while Britt was napping) and I about died from the cute!  Now I just have to figure out the costume part and then we'll be set.

What Halloweenie things are you doing or planning now that it's October?

Oh and I don't know about you guys but Halloween festivities are just starting up in my part of the country.  In Utah, it's been going on since mid September!!!  I could NOT believe it!  The haunted houses, woods, hospitals, etc have been open for two weeks already and so many people had already decorated their houses!  They must REALLY like Halloween down there.  **laugh** 


Ash said...

I have had my spider web on my porch set up for almost 2 weeks, and the rest of my house decorated for a week. Pretty sure I LOVE Halloween. Love dressing my kid up orange and black EVERY day, carving pumpkins, baking fall treats, enjoying fall festivals, and OF COURSE trick-or-treating. Next to Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Thalita Dol said...

We don't really have halloween here in Brazil.
But with the globalization, movies, internet, etc... we kinda started to. But no trick or treating, just costumes and some parties here and there!

hugs to you!

MommyMert said...

LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! HATE the yuck part of it. I plan the costumes, go to pumpkin patches... skip the crazy people making it scary bit.

Amy said...

I made a super cute Halloween craft and had it up before Oct. 1st! I'm working on a few more but I plan to really stock up AFTER the holiday, when everything's 75% off.

I'm hosting book club this month and we're reading Frankenstein. I'm so excited, I'm going to pull out all the stops.

blueviolet said...

I suppose some people do get carried away with the dark side of it, but I like the fun and lighthearted side. Kids are so cute and it's such a happy day for them!

Elizabeth said...

I love Halloween, but only the vintage kind. I love the historic homesteads around here that have pumpkin days and, though I love a really good ghost story (The Others), I hate violence and gore. We celebrate at home with fun stuff, a special supper and then only my daughter trick or treats. We will probably watch a spooky movie ( 1940's The Uninvited). I like to read old scary books, like Dracula or Sleepy Hollow around this time. But no chainsaw murders for me, thank you. Boo!

alissa4illustration said...

We get into it. Mica is going to be Indiana Jones and Isaak's going to be a dinosaur.

I have to dress up for work. Last year I was a baker and had all kinds of goodies for my students. This year I'm going to be a bum. I have a shopping cart to go with my costume.

alissa4illustration said...

Another note: I thought it was odd that another blogger posted last year trick or treating photos, but it was during the day. Apparently in Ohio they trick or treat in the day time. It's not that way in Nebraska. I like that idea with kids, but Halloween just feels right during the night. It's part of that holiday to me.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

I love halloween! I like seeing little kids in costumes! My son matthew (5) like dressing up for halloween and go trick-or-treating! For Mark(17-months), last year was his very first halloween and he couldn't care less. I walk them to trick-or-treat during office hours to the working ladies of the military school (where we live.) This is the only time of the year I so wish we live in a residencial area, not in a military school campus.

Vicky said...

Haloween is getting bigger over here in the UK, but it not something I buy into. Usually because I forget to buy candy!

mun said...

I'm not against it but I don't celebrate it as during my younger days Halloween is unheard of where I live but now, with the commercialization of Halloween, we start seeing costumes being sold in departmental stores here and hotels started to hold Halloween parties.

Faith said...

my family is totally against it ... and i don't celebrate it either but i don't see the harm in little kids having a little bit of fun, getting dressed and getting free candy at the same time.

i understand that the thought behind it isn't the best but i am still so torn. i think i will know when i have kiddos of my own.

funny i came across this post today because my little sister asked me last night what i thought of my little nephew trick or treating. she decided that she wouldn't let him unless he asked when he got older.