Monday, October 31, 2011

Today I Took My Kids Out to Beg for Candy.

Cat & Mouse 1
(cat & mouse)

Funny thing is, they refused to beg.  They would NOT say "trick or treat."  Though they did say "thank you" occasionally, so that's something.  The merchants in town all pass out candy on Halloween, and the main road is closed.  It's always fun to run around and wave at the people you know and smile at the cute, creative costumes.  Ash noticed and pointed out many "gutchens."  We also have way too much candy now.  Bleh.  I'm just gonna throw it all into the poop prize jar

Cat & Mouse 2
I'm rather glad to see Halloween go.  We certainly made the most of it and my kids got plenty of wear out of their costumes (which is what I wanted).  Last Thursday they wore them for music class.  On Saturday we went to the zoo where the kids were all encouraged to dress up and they even had a trick or treating area where they passed out awesome snacks instead of candy.  That same night we went to a costume party with friends.  And then tonight we did the trick-or-treating thing and then went to a church party afterwards.  Sheesh and whew!

Cat & Mouse 3

Now it's time to pull out the Pilgrim/Native American/Turkey decorations!  Thanksgiving is coming!

Skeleton Mum & Baby
(even the babe in my tum got to dress up!)
P.S.  The girls' hats and tails are from etsy.  Their boots from Payless.  Britt's dress is H&M.  Ash's shirt, sweater, and skirt are all from The Children's Place.  And they get to wear everything except the tails for the next 5 months!  Woohoo!


Emily Peck said...

Ok....your shirt is amazing and I am so impressed the girls can re-wear almost everything, AND the costumes look SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Faith said...

gosh, can your girls get any cuter? i think not! they are soooo freaking cute! and their costumes! absolutely love them!

and your shirt! love, love, love it!

i am aware that i have used the word "love" in this comment several times but it's true, haha.

MommyMert said...

OH my STARS!! I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!! AHHH!!!!! Wish I would have had that one many moons ago. Girls=adorable as always. Amen to H day over, looking forward to being thankful. ;)

Saimi said...

OK I don't think your family could get any cuter! And your shirt, how awesome is that!!!

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Aww everyone is too cute.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

i love their costume! it looks warm and cozy and i love the matching bags and boots. i may have to think of that for my boys, a costume they can re-wear over and over. i love your outfit too!

i too am looking forward to thanksgiving, then Christmas.

alissa4illustration said...

Oh I LOVE their costumes and your shirt!!! I saw your shirt once, somewhere! So cool! Your girls are too CUTE!!!

I read that you can freeze the chocolate candy. When you go to make a cake, crush the candy on top.

My boys costumes are here:

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Love your shirt!!!!

Homeschool Roster said...


Their costumes are totally cute and they are even cuter in them. You did a great job mom and they wouldn't beg for you. Man, they are quite ungrateful :-)!

You look cute in your shirt too. Where is the smile? I told my kids that I would dress up next year (maybe). I wore the same costume as usual; I went as a mom.

mun said...

Your girls look so very cute in their costumes! You are so smart to put together their costumes with clothes that they can wear on normal days. :) Was it difficult to find the dresses that match the color of their hats?

Vicky said...

Cute costume for all 4 of you. I love your shirt. So cool, it might even be worth me getting pregnant again just so I can have one!lol.