Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today I Did Some Deep Cleaning.

It occurred to me that I'm going to be having a baby in a little over three months (duh, I know) and won't be able to do much besides feed her and make sure Ash and Britt don't get into too much trouble. 

That means I have to get my house completely clean and organized now.  So I started with the girls' room.  Under their beds and in the hidden crevices of their cribs was disgusting.   And the dust had me sneezing and wheezing like crazy.  The girls' toy boxes were outrageous.  Their room is the smallest and the least work.  Which is why I chose it first.  :)

I may not have anything super exciting to blog about this week because I fully intend to go through this living space like a whirlwind.  As whirlwind-y as a big, pregnant girl can be! 

On a different topic, I tried a chex mix recipe for the first time ever today.  It was Apple Pie and pretty good.  A tad overly sweet, but the upside of that is you can't eat too much. 


Amy said...

Yay for organizing! Yay for pinterest! I know that sounded random but pinterest helps with organizational ideas. So yay! Our addictions can finally be justified!

alissa4illustration said...

Deep cleaning is a lot of work! Is your new baby girl going to share a room with Britt and Ash, or is she going to sleep in your room?

I had Mica and Isaak sleeping in a cradle with us for the first few months, then off to the crib they went.

My sister still isn't using Emerson's crib at all. She feels safer with him sleeping in their room. I understand.

mun said...

Gasp! You are so hard working!

blueviolet said...

I know what that dust build-up is like. Icky! Your apple pie snack mix looks delish!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

good for you on deep cleaning. this must be your nesting period! good luck.

Faith said...

goodness, all that hard work makes me tired ... at least you are doing it the smart way ... with snacks and the smaller rooms first! :)

can't wait to meet the little one in 3 months, so exciting!