Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today I Made Tacos.

And I didn't even know that it's National Taco Day. 


I made sloppy joe tacos.

Hamburger cooked.  Manwich sauce added.  Cumin added.  Mixture thrown into taco shells with shredded salad in the bottom.  Toppings on (duh) top.  

Super easy.

Ash ate the whole thing.  Which is unheard of. 

Britt threw most of hers on the floor.  Also weird. 

I feel like my kids switched personalities on our trip.

Ash is being loud, tantrum-y, argumentative and stubborn.

Britt is being happy, smiley, laid-back, and easy to please. 

What is going on?!?!? 

They are both also talking a lot more. Which is mentally exhausting for me but I still love it.  I have been giggling a lot today.


alissa4illustration said...

They do switch rolls. I remember saying that I don't pick favorites, but do in another regard.

I do in away because one kid goes through an annoying stage, while the other is cute. Then a week/month later it's the other way around. You can't help, but to enjoy the cute, easy going one. That behavior shifts.

As far as treating one better then the other, I don't do that. I don't love one over another either.

blueviolet said...

They're acting as opposites? What the heck? They like keeping you on your toes and giggling!

Amy said...

Tacos sound yum. We had chicken wraps last night. They were mediocre. It was the thigh meat. Don't use it for chicken wraps. Makes for mediocre eating. Breast is best.

The kids? No idea. Maybe it's a stage.

Vicky said...

Manwich sauce? What is that? But your taco sound great.

Faith said...

i love tacos ... i have to make it more often!

have they switched back to their personalities?