Friday, October 14, 2011

Today I Went Shopping.

I was all over the place today.  Why?  Two reasons.  Halloween costumes and filters.

Ross turned out a new pair of shoes for Tony.  Unplanned but needed.

Lands End was where I found rain coats for the girls (a fall/winter necessity around here).  A happy 50% off find. 

(got this pink one for ash.  source.)

(got this purple one for britt.  source.)

Next, we perused Marshalls and found some black patent leather mary janes for Ash to wear to church.  I'm soooo grateful we came across them too!  They were a great price and poor Ash has been wearing too small shoes every Sunday for weeks. 

Fred Meyer had all the air purifier filters we needed (the girls have one in their room and we have one in ours and we run them at night).  Boy did we ever need them!!  My allergies have been getting worse and worse over the past two months.  It never occurred to me until last night that a dirty filter might be the problem.  I've had ever increasingly terrible asthma the past three or four days.  I'd wake up wheezing and having a really hard time getting a breath.  I don't really like using the inhaler while pregnant but I kept having to use it to get through the night.  Last night, I believe I had a prompting, it came to my mind that I should turn off my air purifier.  I did, but it was hard to sleep without that noise that has been the background to my dreams for over three years now.  After turning it off, my allergies and wheezing gradually subsided.  Mystery solved!  Air purifiers are NOT cheap but breathing at night is more important. 

At Payless I found boots for the girls.  This is actually for their costumes (and then for the rest of the cold season to follow).  So at least I found something I meant to find.

(they each got a pair of the same kind.  source.)

JCPenney, Gap Kids, Macys, Hanna Andersson, and Nordstrom were all a big waste of time (except for the much needed exercise I got from walking around the mall).  I'm looking for a black, chunky knit cardigan for Ash and NO ONE has anything like that!  **frustrated**

I went into Janie & Jack and found some possible birthday dresses for Ash (she'll be 3 in a month).  Obviously she only needs one party dress, but I had them hold three different dresses so I can figure it out tomorrow. 

(why does it look like "choices" is spelled wrong?  anyways, aren't they all so cute???  how will i ever decide?  source.)


The Frat Pack + Me said...

oooh, that is a tough decision!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I need to get on the winter weather wear. Now, we actually have to buy shoes and clothes to keep us warm because it gets cold where we live. Before, a coat was all we needed.

That is pretty cool that the boots will work well for their costumes and be able to be used for the winter season.

Elizabeth said...

That is a really good story about your following a prompting to turn off your air purifier. That solved the problem. Who would have thought of that? I wouldn't have. I am glad that you are doing better. Hopefully, you will be getting better sleep now.

Love the children's clothes. Wonderful choices. So love a great deal!

Faith said...

ooh i love the dresses! so cute! love the pink one of course, hehe.

you def. did some major shopping!

air purifiers are a life saver ... i don't know what i would do without one! but great thing you figured out that you needed to turn yours off ... def. something i will keep in mind for the future.

mun said...

All 3 dresses are so lovely but I like the pink one the most!

alissa4illustration said...

Sounds like my weekend! I went all over the mall trying to find a plain, solid color button down shirt for Isaak's pictures! Argyle and plaid they have plenty of. Too much of!!! I finally found one, but it was on the verge of just fitting. No bigger sizes, I just bought it. URRR

Then my mission to find a metal zipper coat was going on for weeks. Gymboree wins the prize! $50 for it!

I love all the dresses you have picked out. Hummm I think I like the last one if it were me. But dang they are all so cute!!! We don't have that store here! :(

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

So which dress did you pick? i like the one in the middle!