Friday, September 10, 2010

Today I Feel Yucky.

My babiest baby came down with a runny/stuffy nose Monday night.  At first I thought it was more seasonal allergy bother.  Both Britt and I have been having issues with that for several months.  But she's got the green, icky, goo bad.

And she gave it to me. 


Now my head and sinuses are killin' me!

"Happy Birthday Mommy!  My give to you is a cold!"
She's definitely got a better attitude about being sick than I do!

If any of you have any ideas for how to help little ones deal with colds and help them get over them faster, I'd be quite grateful.  And so would Britt.  She HATES it when I use that horrible little bulb to suck her nose out.  I would too.  Poor lil thing.

P.S.  Does anyone know if it's ok (or not) for nursing mamas to take Tylenol Cold?


CK said...

Awww!!! Peace, baby! Peace! Don't know about the Tylenol thing but I give my kids homeopathy remedies I get from the health food store. I did a little research on them and I think they can be helfpul.
Poor baby, I hate those runny noses!!!

Vicky said...

Hope you feel better soon.
My middle daughter is really icky as well right now. i just hope she keeps it too herself.

Heather said...

Oh poor girls! I hope you are both feeling better now. I use those Vicks Vapo plug in things.

Always helps them sleep better when they are congested.

Emily's World said...

My mom is a big believer in preventing getting sick by taking collodial silver. You put a few drops in water and drink it up. My mom takes it every day and I honestly can't remember the last time she was sick. I take it when I've been around sick people or when I feel something coming on to kick it.