Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today Is My Birthday.

I'm not a spring chicken.  I've got grey hair.  I'm older than my husband.  I can see some fine lines on my face now.  I cannot pull all nighters anymore. 

BUT!  I'm nowhere near that hill.  I don't feel older and I don't feel like I'm aging!  I don't feel 18, but I certainly don't feel like I'm in my 30's either!  But then, what does a 30-something year old feel like anyway?  :)

Hubby served me breakfast in bed.  I love his German pancakes! 

(my husband and my sister comparing tans)

I got TWO naps in today.

We went to the local Chinese restaurant for lunch.  Sweet n sour chicken is yummy!

(mum singing and smiling at the same time!)

My parents and siblings hosted a fun birthday party, complete with chocolate chocolate chocolate cake.

Ash helped my blow out my candles.

And the Hubster gave me some awesome presents!

He's a graphic designer so these came naturally for him. 

I got six different coupons and four of each kind. 

1. "I will clean the house"
2. "I will do the dishes"
3. I will watch the kids while you get away and have fun"
4. "Breakfast in bed"
5. "30 minutes massage"
6. "What ever you want me to do"

Nice, huh?  I'm only allowed to use one a day.  It's gonna be hard not to use them all up in one month!!

Aren't they so festive and fun?  He's awesome. 

(admiring one of the homemade presents I received from a little brother)

This day was pretty good too.  :)


Vicky said...

Happy Birthday.
One month only to use up your vouchers... make sure you use them. He'll remember to put a longer expiry date on them next year.

jc said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Love the coupons your hubby made, what a superb idea for a birthday gift!

Thalita Dol said...

Haapy Birthday to you!! Hugs from Brazil!!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! I love that picture of Ash helping you blow out your candles! Very cute.

CK said...


McCray Family said...

OMGoodness! That is awesome! I am so glad he didn't really forget, that cracks me up! I should have known better! LOL! Glad you had an awesome day! Love you guys!