Monday, September 20, 2010

Today I Went Boot Shopping.

The 23rd is the first day of Fall.  As far as I'm concerned no Autumn of Winter is quite right without a couple pairs of boots to get me through it.  I think I may end up with more than a few pairs this year.  I'm finding soooooooooo many that I love.  I'd love input.  Whether you like or dislike. 

I also like this boot, and this one, as well as this pair, and these.  I should probably stop there.  I could keep going.  But these are the ones on my mind right now.

I have one pair of boots (ok two, but I'm getting rid of my Ann Taylor boots because they are so worn and uncomfortable) and they are black suede with lambswool interior - ugg like type.  So - what should I get first?  I've never done ankle boots.  I really need the tall, just-under-the-knee boots.  Ack!  So many options!  **head is spinning**

I just want to buy them all at the same time, but I've gotta keep to the budget.  And my sister, Kara, gave me a great idea.  Reward myself for exercising!  So - I'm gonna start paying myself for each 10 minutes of work out.  I'll start tomorrow.  :)


Andrew and Meagan said...

oooo, i want new boots too! But i majorly splurged last year and bought a pair of frye boots so i think i'd better wait for a year to buy another pick would be the born riding boot. although those classic cardy ones are super cute too. :)

CK said...

I think I am leaning toward the Uma Print ones right now!
And, that birthday party seemed really fun! Just a glimpse of your large family ;)

Amy said...

The Classic Larkspur are my favorite. I ADORE boots as well and I'm hoping I'll still be able to wear my super cute classic high heel black leather boots this year! (with a growing belly, it might be hard)

I want to get some brown ones. I kinda like the kind with the furry trim.

Michelle said...

I love all the boots! Oh and thanks for entering my giveaway! I am so excited to see who wins!