Monday, September 13, 2010

Today I Watched Fraggle Rock.

They have Fraggle Rock on Netflix!!!   The muppets AND the cartoon.  I, of course, introduced my daughter to the coolness.  She thought I was pretty awesome when I started dancing to the theme song.  "Down at Fraggle Rock, down at Fraggle Rock!!!"  Woohoo! 

(photo by me)

Seriously.  All the best cartoons and toys were in the 80's.  I feel so sorry for my children because the shows and entertainment they have now can't hold a candle to the what I enjoyed as a kid.

Reminisce with me. 

I loved Strawberry Shortcake!  Can't even tell you how many dolls I had.  Yes, had.  Hoarder my mother is NOT. 

Glo Friends.  This is the glo friend I had (not exact one, but same model) when I was little and it really helped with my fear of the dark to see it's soft glowy face near mine.  I also loved that cartoon.

I could read Berenstein Bears books all day long.

He-man and She-ra.  I had all the She-ra action figures and my brother, Matt, had all the He-man toys.  We played for HOURS with those little people.  Soooooo much fun.

I should have put this at the top.  My all-time love.  I had soooooooooo many ponies!  I even took the scissors to some, giving them butch haircuts, because my brother refused to play My Little Pony unless there were some "boy ponies."  And I really don't like the new version.  All skinny and Bratzy looking.  Ponies are supposed to be round and pleasantly plump!  Sheesh.

What did I miss?  I will add to this list if your remind me of something I've forgotten! 


Just Bits and Pieces said...

LOL! I introduced my boys to Inspector Gadget yesterday!!! We have a Retro Cartoon channel!

MommyMert said...

Cabbage Patch baby! :) Yeah I loved them, in addition to all of yours. I might add... PeeWees playhouse on Saturday (cringe now, but loved it then.) and the Smurfs. We watch them on Netflixs along with Inspector Gadget. Yes my friend, it was the good ol days. Lame shows now.

Jenny Bolech said...

I LOVE My Little Ponies! I had a ton! I think we had some kind of my little pony vacation house too. However, my all time favorite was Care Bears :)

Amy said...

YES!! Cartoons from the 80's were SO much better!!! This was fun to reminisce. (did I spell that right? prolly not.)

You missed Rainbow Bright. I loved that doll! And I also had ponies, She-ras, Berenstein Bears books, Strawberry Shortcake (I loved how all the dolls smelled like their "berry"), and I got a huge DVD set of Gummi Bears for my brother for his birthday one year.
We used to take old medicine bottles (yeah, we washed them out) and put grape juice on them, then go jump on the trampoline like the gummi bears did!