Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today I Opened And Closed My Front Door A Lot.

First, my mother came over with two of my sisters.  Mom wanted to use my Footer to measure Lizzy's feet.

(my mom w/ one of her brothers)

(my sis, Molly)

(my sis, Lizzy - a couple years ago since I couldn't find a good recent pic)

Second, some friends came to visit while the girls were napping.  I HEART nap time!  **giggle**

(This is what Ash looks like when she wakes up.  **laugh**)

Third, I went to get the mail.  Kara, my October Everyday with Rachael Ray came today!  Those homemade candies DO look scrumptious! 

Fourth, I went to pick up the Hubster at the ferry (something I do four days out of the week).  And came back for a quick quesadilla dinner.

Fifth, I took a bunch of books back to the library.

(Ash in one of her favorite places - her book tent.  This was taken 6 months ago!)

Sixth, someone from a local home school group came to pick up one of the many books I am getting rid of.  I am making a dent people.  Slowly but surely.

(I wish I could pour gasoline over all the piles of stuff and then throw a lit match on top)

Seventh, the lady who took my piano and all the movers showed up.  I traded my piano for a crib.  We need the crib and the piano wasn't getting used enough, nor will we have the room in our next place.

(Buh-bye piano)

Eighth, my husband and my dad brought the crib back after getting the piano into its new home.

(Hello crib! Not my baby.  Got the pic from the original owner)

Ninth, Hubby went on an ice cream run. 

(I may have indulged a little)

Busy day! 

(and, of course, we can't leave out the Britt-Britt!)

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