Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today I'm Pregnant (Journal Part 2).

Hi!  I went and had acupuncture done today and it was lovely.  I will be keeping it up throughout my pregnancy.  It's great medicine.  Relaxing AND energizing. 

And now, onto part 2 of my 1st trimester journal!  Warning:  This section is a bit of a downer.  June was the worst month ever.

Third Trimester with Ash
(just for fun: a pic of me, pregnant with ash and in my third trimester)

June 1st.

Felt even worse today. Bummer. I met one of my midwives today and it was a nice appointment. She let me know that a lack of morning sickness is not a bad sign, but that morning sickness is a good sign because it's all good pregnancy hormones that cause the gross, ill feelings. If that makes sense. But, looks like I'm not going to get away without some yucky nausea. Boo.

June 2nd.

Well the cravings have certainly set in. Ever since Myrnie mentioned Kim Chi on her blog, I've been craving it hardcore! So, when I saw it in the grocery store I bought it. I ate it right out of the jar! I've never been brave enough to do that! It was gooooood. I also made some Thai food. It was weak.

June 3rd.

More Kim Chi. Yum Yum! This time with salmon and brown rice all wrapped in yakinori (roasted seaweed). Tony took me and the girls out for Indian dinner. I got curry. He got his usual favorite. I was unimpressed. Thankfully I filled up on the samosas I got for an appetizer. I tried Tony's dish because I was starting to suspect that my taste buds think everything is bland. Sure enough! I usually find the Hubster's fave Indian food to be yummy and flavorful.  This time it wasn't.  Bummer.  Guess my body wants lots of strong spices and acids, or something. I wonder if I should get some pickles. I'm pretty picky about pickles on a normal day though....

June 4th.

Took the girls to the beach. Got a sunburn. Hope that's not any more bad on top of pregnancy. I was stupid to not put on sunscreen. Craving a Chicago-style hot dog baaaaaaaaaaaaad right now!

June 7th.

You have no idea how much I want to tell you all now that I'm pregnant. I feel like my posts have been shabby, at best, lately and I assuming it's because I'm always tired and feeling sick. I forgot how crappy the first trimester is sometimes. I really got spoiled with Britt because I seriously wasn't that sick. I didn't feel great, but I wasn't like I am this time around. I'm so sick of the nausea. Ugh. It's like having the never-ending flu! I'm going to have to get creative though, because I honestly don't DO anything these days except the very basics. Every. Single. Day.  Makes for a very boring daily journal. Oooooo! I know. I'll try to be religious about Steppin' Out Saturdays - which, technically, gives me a freebie during the week because I told myself I'd only blog five days a week (thinking it would be the weekdays). Then I'll do giveaways on Fridays. It'll have to have a theme because I don't want to set up an expectation. Something like, my top 10 favorite things I could live without. I'm obviously not going to giveaway loved ones! Haha. If my math is right, I've only got 6 weeks of being sick left which means the giveaways will go on longer than those 6 weeks, but that's ok. 10 is a more rounded number than 6 (to me). This makes me feel so much better! **sigh of relief** I cannot WAIT to share these entries with you guys! :)

June 8th.

This is a question for those of you who've been pregnant. Did you get a humongously STRONG sense of smell? I swear this 3rd pregnancy it has been worse than ever! I gag and retch at most everything. I get into my car and think I'm going to pass out and everyone else is sniffing and assuring me they smell leather seats and that's it. I think my house smells nasty. No one else does. I think mom's cat smells disgusting.  I'm the only one who thinks that. Everything stinks! I have to chew gum when I change my babies' diapers because I seriously will throw up if I don't have a more pleasant taste/smell to focus on.  It's bad. My husband laughs at me and rolls his eyes like I'm over reacting.  But, it's not like I'm choosing this!  I had lots of garlic in my dinner tonight so now my own breath makes me want to keel over.  Sorry, again with the TMI.  Anyways, surely I'm not the only one who is like this?  It was bad with Ash too, but like I said, I was totally spoiled during my pregnancy with Britt.  I forgot how terrible having the nose of a bloodhound can be. **sigh**  This first trimester really can't pass too quickly.  I know I'm supposed to enjoy each day, but it's a challenge when everything smells bad, tastes bad, and I'm walking around with the flu 24/7.  Sorry about the complaining, but what good is a blog if I can't get in an occasional vent? Thanks for listening/reading. :)

June 16th.

It's been a while. I had a pretty rough week. A lot of gagging. A lot crying (me AND the girls). I think my lack of energy and attentiveness has been hard on Ash and Britt. It doesn't help that Britt is cutting another tooth. **sigh** I've recently discovered that if I eat more protein, I feel a lot better. The challenge is finding ever new sources of protein since eating the same thing more than twice makes me feel ill too. Only about 5 weeks left to go! **groan**

June 18th.

So - I've decided to look for a new midwife. Is it too much to want someone I really click with? Not just someone I think is nice. Is that a totally unobtainable desire? I hope not because I'm going to look for her until I find her. I just love our ND. She is specializes in pediatrics, post partum, women's health, urology and lactation too! I wish she was a midwife because I seriously love her stinkin' guts. I want to feel that way about my midwife. Am I out to lunch? We shall see.

June 20th.

Visited my ND today to talk about what I should be eating in the first trimester and what supplements I should focus on. Tomorrow will be my first time getting acupuncture, but she assures me it will work wonders. I hope she's right! I'd love to start feeling better before the first trimester is over!

June 22nd.

The acupuncture was relaxing, but then I got a killer headache later on that same day. I don't think they were related. It was really hot and I probably didn't drink enough to compensate for the heat.

June 28th.
I feel sorry for my husband. He pretty much only sees me at my worst. I get up in the morning and make sure I have a good breakfast and then that seems to help keep the nausea at bay until around 4pm (assuming I get a good lunch in as well). So, he gets to hang with a sicky, fatigued wife who just wants to blob around on the sofa or go to bed. I know he's doing his best to be patient and kind, but it's gotta be so frustrating! And, get this, I tend to feel really gross on the weekends too! It's really not fair. But, only one more month to go! Then the nausea will fade away and I'll get a little more energy. I cannot wait.

June 30th.

Not sad to see June on its way out. Longest month of my life, I swear! So - I've got my mornings and afternoons all figured and, for the most part, I feel good. Tired, but good. But when I want to just lounge on the sofa and watch a movie with my husband.....spladah! Back comes the sick stomach and gag reflex. Dumb.

To be continued.....again....


blueviolet said...

I had that same smell sensitivity issue. That is NOT fun!

I like this acupuncture idea!

alissa4illustration said...

I love your posts! I was not strong at all about the whole waiting to tell people thing. I waited a month with Mica. I found out I was prego around Thanksgiving, so in a Christmas card it went. With Mica I got so dizzy all the time; I thought it was good for people to know I was prego with Isaak. I was in fear that I'd fall over on my works concrete floor at any given moment. That never happened.

I didn't start blogging until until after my boy's were born.

I most certainly had a keen sense of smell! I could smell someone smoking a block away I swear. It yacked me out big time. It grossed me out even more when I saw a pregnant lady smoking outside the doctor's office.

Did you get any pickles yet? I only craved cheese burgers. They are not something I would have normally wanted. Now I eat them a lot, but they have healthy stuff mixed in them like ground oatmeal, crushed black beans, chopped green onions and feta cheese.

If you need extra protein maybe tofu would help? I sneak soft tofu in pudding and smoothies. I get extra firm tofu, cut it in cubes, roll it in cornmeal and crushed red pepper and fry it in olive oil. Then put it on top of salad like croutons.

My bedtime was between 7 and 8 during the first trimester of both of my pregnancies.

I hope the acupuncture is helping! I've never had that done.

Stay strong! Rest a lot! If you have to stick a movie in for your girls to watch, so you can rest, do it. Don't feel guilty! Later on you'll feel more up to doing things with them.

mun said...

You are so brave! I am afraid of the acupuncture needles.

Rachel said...

I got that super strong sense of smell with all 4 of my pregnancies, and it NEVER went away! I still have a super sniffer. It drives Scott crazy, because I won't let him eat onions, garlic or anything that could possibly smell bad.

I truly hope you start to feel better soon! Being nauseous is no fun, especially when you have little ones that want to play with you!

Vicky said...

A friend of mine suffers from overactive smell sense during pregnancy. She can't stand the smell of her husband... not ideal!

Myrnie said...

Mmmm....kimchi! :) It's so good for you, too....all those enzymes... :) I couldn't make wheat bread when I was pregnant, had to make white- the smell of the wheat dough was horrible.