Friday, July 8, 2011

Today I Played With Toys.

Dolls to be specific.  The three of us played with dolls while getting ready for our day and then later on, Britt and I used a little doll for a ball.  We have many different balls.  We just thought that throwing a doll around would be fun and different.  And it was actually Britt's idea.  I'm sure Ash would have greatly disapproved if she had caught us.  It's her doll.  ;)

I love toys.  Do you think I'm sort of stuck in childhood?  I love children's books, crafts, dolls, toys, clothes.  All of it.  Luuuuuuurrrve it! 

Today's giveaway is all about toys.  #5 of My Unnecessary Necessities or Things I Love That I Want to Share with You.  I'm actually pretty excited because it has given me an excuse to shop. Not a big shop.  Just a little shop, but still.  I've rounded up a handful of toys I thought were so cool or cute and the winner gets to choose!  I couldn't make the decision on my own if I tried anyways.  And whatever the winner chooses I'll probably also get some for Ash and Britt.  :D  To enter is as simple as ever.  You just need to be a follower, have a blog, leave a comment and want one of these toys!   Open internationally. 

(aaaahhh!  I just love all the crocheted and felted play food out there.  someday I'll learn to make my own.  here you have the choice of an apple, orange, grapes, strawberry or watermelon slice.  source.)

(a wooden whale on wheels.  perfect.  source.)

(this has gotta be the best way to encourage your kiddos to wash their hands ever!  unless they are afraid of lizards.....  source.)

(plush bird tag toys?  yes please!  anyone else have a baby that loved a stuffed animal for its tag?  these birds have a ribbon tag tail!  you get a random color combo here.  just one bird.  source.)

(it's teeny.  it's tiny.  it's purple.  it's a jellyfish.  it reminds me of that cute little squid in finding nemo that said, "aw!  you made me ink!"  haha.  source.)

(fun wooden cars.  bright colors.  the seller picks the color for you.  source.)

(every fairy princess needs a pink star wand complete with fuzzy pompom in center.  :)  source.)

(this made me laugh.  can you imagine how much fun it would be to watch your favorite littlest person sit and chew on this wooden cookie teether?  source.)

(i had sooooo many my little ponies as a kid.  and this talented seller redoes them into one of a kind treasures.  so beautiful!  source.)

(um.  this is just plain too stinkin' cute.  a felt froggy mask!  hahaha!  source.)

P.S.  I'm in love with Etsy too!

P.P.S.  This giveaway ends Tuesday, July 12th, 2011.  In the evening.


Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, what a fun giveaway!! My munchkins both ADORE "magic wands." SJ, of course, loves whatever his sister we have a lot of Gender Bending around here. (Which keeps me entertained. Heh.)

MommyMert said...

So so cute!

Faith said...

i follow all these mommy blogs, and mom to be blogs ... can't wait when i will be able to enter these giveaways ... i just feel guilty to enter when i know a kid would just love the giveaway, now!

i want to play with toys, haha. i think that is why i secretly love when my nephew comes for a visit. i have an excuse.

Myrnie said...

Wow, you have a good eye for great toys!! The burned wood teether is brilliant :)

Ash said...

So much fun!!

Saimi said...

Oh my those are darling!! I keep a toy box for my neighbor kids. Their little two year old comes over and says, "Toys, play toys."

I love it!

alissa4illustration said...

I like the froggy mask and the cars!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


Even though your giveaway may be over, I just wanted to say if I had some of those cool toys to play w/then I too would be sitting right beside you playing w/toys. I don't know about you, but I think toys have gotten a lot cooler since I was a child. That wooden teether is nice even though I don't have a baby for it, but my youngest would enjoy those wooden cars. I'll have to check out that shop.