Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today I Had Colorful Rocks In My House.

We're not getting things checked off our bucket list as quickly as I'd hoped, but we are doing them, so I can't complain too much. 

(ash's rock)

Today the girls painted rocks.  They turned out really pretty.  They actually look really cool out on the front porch.

(britt's rock before she covered it in all one color)

We used washable paint so the rocks will, eventually, return to their normal rock color.  Learned that when we used the same paints on pumpkins and then put them outside.  After the first rain, they were normal pumpkins again.  :)

(proud artist)

So - mostly this post is just a bunch of pictures of painted rocks...and little girls. 

(squishy rock)

("get this smock off of me!"  she really doesn't like wearing the oilcloth apron and i can't blame her.)

(result of holding a squishy rock)

(painted her hair somehow too)


Faith said...

So cute! Your girls are so adorable!

Looks like a fun thing to do!

mun said...

What a good idea to use washable paint. The rock would appreciate having its makeup cleaned off! :p

alissa apel said...

I want to do that with my kids. Isaak got a bunch of google eyes for his birthday. I should so make rock pets. Looks like fun!

I love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

That's adorable.